Six Funds Achieve More Than Double The Profitability Of The Ibex

The latest streak of rises in the Spanish stock market, one of the longest in the last century and which was cut short on Wednesday, has allowed the Ibex 35 with dividends, which includes payments from listed companies, for a few moments until Tuesday. turned positive in the year, with a rise of 0.38% .

In that same period, up to six actively managed Spanish stock exchange funds are capable of more than doubling this return, with data up to August 16 (latest available to be able to compare the performance of all products).

Their names sound strong since the beginning of the year. In the lead, and a long way from the next, remains azValor AM’s Iberian fund, azValor Iberia, the only one to maintain a double-digit return so far this year. Since January, it has offered a return of more than 17% to its participants. Behind this vehicle are Sigma Inv. House FCP Equity Spain A Cl, with 8.26%; Iberian Value, with 7.23%; Mutuafund Spain A, with 5.23%; Santander Acciones Españolas A, with 4.76% and Cobas Iberia C, with 3.36%.

All of them occupy the same position as a week ago in the Active Management League of elEconomista, which brings together Spanish stock funds in which at least 60% of their portfolio is decorrelated from the reference index (see graph). . However, there have been changes in the top ten positions.

For example, the seventh, which until a week ago belonged to Magallanes Iberian Equity M, the fund managed by Iván Martín, which is also a classic among those that follow a value management style, is now occupied by Sabadell España Bolsa Futuro Base. However, the Magallanes fund has managed to leave behind the losses that were recorded days ago.

The eighth, ninth and tenth position have also changed hands. Two funds from the BBVA manager have climbed positions. These are BBVA Bolsa and BBVA Bolsa Plus, which rose by nearly half a percentage point in the year. In its place, Horos Value Iberia , which is also one of the vehicles that has best resisted this year, has dropped two steps, remaining within the top 10, and with an even better performance than that of the Ibex 35.

Average losses of 1.7%
In spite of everything, the active management funds of the Spanish stock market have registered, on average, losses of 1.7% so far this year, higher than those of the Ibex with dividends. In the lower part of the classification continues the fund of small listed companies managed by Lola Solana, with a decrease of 10%. And enters, in the last three positions, the fund managed by Gonzalo Sánchez in Gesconsult: Gesconsult Renta Variable, which in the long term offers an annualized return of more than 7% over a period of ten years. This vehicle yields 7% so far this year.

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