3 Applications That Can Help You Quit Smoking

Tobacco is one of the most widespread vices in our country, from the youngest to the oldest, we can see smokers of all ages. Summer is one of the times when people smoke the most due to free time, vacations, parties and other events, and now with the arrival of September there are many who want to put an end to this habit, that’s why today we present you 3 apps to give up smoking.

According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) tobacco causes 50,000 deaths each year and is responsible for 90% of lung tumors, everyone knows that it is very harmful to health and many try to quit, but this is a recurrent problem, since quitting smoking is somewhat complicated.

Whether due to addictive substances, the smoking environment or any other factor, quitting smoking is not easy, but with these smartphone apps the process can be easier.

This application is based and developed by AECC and its specific program to stop smoking, which according to them has an effectiveness of 60%. This app, free and available for both Android and iOS , has also been promoted with the National Plan on Drugs.

This program is divided into three phases, the first two being the beginning of the process of gradually quitting smoking, after marking the official day to quit smoking and from that moment the app will offer you advice to manage the process and avoid a relapse.

This app sets challenges for you, how much money you have saved and offers you hobbies to help you overcome the moments when you most want to smoke, it also has an SOS button with which you can call the AECC for free at your lowest moment.

Quit Now
In the case of this application, the indications and advice it offers are based on the indications of the World Health Organization (WHO ). In this case, the app has a free version but you can also subscribe to the Pro version whether you have an iPhone or Android .

Among the most outstanding functions they have is that of a chat with ex-smokers , so that you can ask them any questions you may have, in addition to offering you advice and techniques that they applied to achieve it.

In addition, it also keeps track of the days that we have smoked, the money you have saved, the achievements you have achieved or the benefits it has for your health every day in a row that you do not smoke.

pulled out
To finish, we also recommend this app, which has been developed by the Spanish Society of Smoking Specialists (SEDET) . This app has several sections, first it collects the user’s profile and their smoking habits, and then it offers information to end the habit of smoking , it collects statistics and data on what you lose both financially and in terms of health.

Sacabo allows you to mark the day you want to quit smoking, but first it helps you to do it gradually. Give recommendations to avoid relapse, such as if you smoke in the morning, change your routine to eliminate the moment of the cigarette. In turn, and like the first app that we have mentioned, it also has an emergency button in the event that the user is going to relapse.

Quitting smoking is a hard and complicated process, but the benefits are very high, so much so that, according to the director of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes, Thierry Philip, “If Europeans under the age of 20 quit smoking tomorrow, mortality from cancer would be cut in half in 50 years.

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