Pfizer And Moderna Keep The Entire Market For Booster Vaccines For Covid

Despite the competition that has been brewing in the European Medicines Agency with different vaccines, delays in authorizations mean that Pfizer and Moderna keep the entire market for the new vaccination campaign. announced last week that Hipra will not be ready before October 15 , a date that is also expected at Sanofi according to market sources. Twenty days before, the new vaccines adapted from the two American companies will begin to be inoculated.

Spain will receive until the end of the year a number of doses that leaves the rest of the competitors practically without a market. The Ministry of Health confirms that 44 million vaccines will be supplied in the country, 16 of which will be available to the autonomous communities before the end of September. In Spain, this new campaign will begin with those over 80 years of age and people who live in residences. Later it will be the turn of those over 60 years of age and all the health and social health people. When this is over, it will be the Ministry’s Vaccine Technical Committee that decides the next steps to follow.

Although the Spanish company Hipra will see its commercial capacity reduced, another national company, Rovi, will benefit from the current situation. The Madrid company was in charge of manufacturing the Moderna vaccine for the whole world with the exception of the United States, a fact that will be repeated with the version adapted to Ómicron from the American biotechnology company.

There are other vaccines on the market that, however, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has not even taken into account during the press conference after yesterday’s Council of Ministers. This is Novavax, a protein-based vaccine (in principle, the technology preferred by Spanish technicians to give booster doses) which, however, has hardly had a commercial run.

The manufacture of the active substance of this serum is also manufactured in Spain by the pharmaceutical company Zendal. In addition, on September 1st, this vaccine was endorsed by the Medicines Agency to be used as a souvenir.

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