A Deloitte Report Puts The Damage Of Green Measures In Aviation

Making aviation greener to the brave has a price. This is the main conclusion of a report prepared by Deloitte for ALA , the airline employers’ association in Spain. The aforementioned document indicates that Spain risks losing 11 million tourists, suffering a reduction of 1.6 points in gross domestic product (GDP) and the destruction of 430,000 jobs by 2030 with the application of the Fit For 55 measures related to air sector linked to the possible introduction of a ticket tax included in the White Book of tax reform.

The aforementioned report also indicates that only the fiscal measures for the airline sector would mean a drop of 0.9% of GDP, which in terms of employment translates into 236,000 fewer jobs in 2030.

The study carried out by Deloitte focuses its efforts on four fundamental points. In the first place, the impact that the obligation to use a 5% quota of SAF sustainable aviation fuel can have, which can be between 3 and 6 times more expensive than conventional kerosene, depending on whether it is of biological or synthetic origin. .

On the other hand, the restriction of CO2 emission rights, which will quickly eliminate the hitherto free rights, further aggravates, according to the report, the cost caused by the measures imposed by Europe for the year 2030. to add the application of a tax on aviation kerosene of 7.53 euros per gigajoule.

According to the report carried out by Deloitte, these measures will not only affect the aviation sector, but will also infect other sectors, leading to the loss of a total of 12,000 million euros. On the accommodation side, it is estimated that they could lose 3.6 billion euros. With regard to the food sector, it could stop earning 3.2 billion euros because both are dependent on tourism, which will be drastically reduced, according to the report.

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