Teva Reinforces Its Commitment To Zaragoza With More Production And Employment

The pharmaceutical industry plans to increase its production by 21% and hire 70 more people by 2027, giving new impetus to the Aragonese plant for which it announced an investment plan of 40 million euros in September last year.

The plan contemplated this investment within a period of four years, until 2025 , in order to increase its production capacity by 20% and incorporate 60 more people into its workforce. And, now, Teva has taken another step in Zaragoza in order to continue increasing production capacity and the number of workers until 2027 .

With this horizon, this pharmaceutical industry intends to increase production by 21% , “with what this entails in job creation, contribution to GDP and investment,” says Antonio Cabodevilla, director of the Teva production plant in Saragossa.

In this way, the greater production capacity will in turn mean more hiring. Specifically, the forecast is that, in five years, 70 more people will be hired , which will be added to the current workforce of 600 employees. A figure that rises to 900 professionals if the rest of the functions and commercial teams are taken into account.

The Zaragoza plant is the only one that Teva has in Spain. 40% of the medicines it manufactures are destined for the Spanish market, while the remaining 60% is marketed in other countries around the world. Among the destinations, Europe, Asia, South America, Russia and Canada stand out.

Teva has facilities in the Aragonese capital of 44,000 square meters for the production of oral solids. The production center has innovative technology for pallets, capsules and tablets. In addition, they currently manufacture 30 molecules and 1,800 different presentations, reaching a production of some 7,100 million doses per year .

The company currently has the largest formulary in the pharmaceutical industry, apart from being one of the companies that produces the most medicines and treats patients in the world (around 200 million), thanks to the 58 manufacturing plants from which 27 are in Europe. It also has ten distribution centers around the world, five of which are located in Europe, apart from the plant in Aragón, a community in which it also has the logistics center.

more production
Teva’s plans announced today come to reinforce investments to increase production capacity. In September of last year, the company announced investments worth 40 million in the Zaragoza plant , in the Malpica industrial estate, to grow more than 20% in production volume with new lines to be assembled in 2023.

At the time of the announcement of the investments, Teva confirmed that they would be used mainly to increase the capacity in manufacturing and conditioning processes of the Zaragoza plant and, especially, to accommodate the new production volumes that will come from other factories.

In addition, in that same year, that is, in 2021, the company expanded the workforce by 29 people due to the investment of 6.5 million euros to increase the production lines for the drug Losartan . Storage was also increased to double the current capacity, the expansion of the quality laboratory and the new packaging conditioning line.

The evolution of Teva and the plans announced by the company until 2027 have been highly valued by the Vice President and Minister of Industry, Arturo Aliaga, who visited the pharmaceutical company’s facilities today. Aliaga has highlighted the importance of having in Aragon a “company of these dimensions” and a leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing worldwide with a plant that “is one of the most efficient they have in the world and whose continuity is guaranteed”.

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