Vox Aragón Proposes A Significant Reduction In Unproductive Public Spending

The VOX spokesman in the Cortes de Aragón, Santiago Morón, has presented at a press conference the document that the parliamentary group has sent to the Minister of Finance of the Autonomous Government, Carlos Pérez Anadón, on proposals on fiscal matters to deal with inflation . He has proposed carrying out “a significant reduction” in unproductive public spending.

“We have offered what is the fundamental proposal for VOX, the foundation on which to build a credible and sustainable fiscal strategy , in the short and medium term, which is the significant reduction of unproductive public spending, which must affect the entire regional administration as instrumental public sector”, Morón highlighted.

He has pointed out that there are 19 regional public companies that have cost 306 million euros in 2022, as well as 10 public law entities with a cost of 229 million, along with 15 foundations and 7 consortiums “that take 80 million”.

In the case of Motorland, Morón has opted for the development of a strategic plan based on diversification giving entry to technological and industrial projects that make the company profitable to thus give entry to private capital, “significantly reducing the participation of the DGA and recovering part of what was invested by the Aragonese”.

As for CARTV, VOX defends a management model different from the current one, in which it invests in self-produced content, “making it financially dependent on its own income and not becoming a transmission belt for the political power of the day.” .

Morón has proposed abolishing the Aragonese Academy of Language , as well as the General Directorate of Language Policy, “because it is unnecessary and to prevent it from being an instrument of Catalanism and a waste of resources.”

“On the other hand – Morón has reiterated – we consider it necessary to carry out an audit of the Autonomous Organisms , which have an assigned budget of more than 2,600 million euros, to verify the effectiveness and efficiency, or the quality of the services provided and thus correct inefficiencies and generate cost savings”.

“In this same line, identify and eliminate the regional body that performs functions that can be assumed by national bodies, merge ministries and general directorates that develop related competences or eliminate subsidies to trade unions and business organizations, which must be financed by their own affiliates and not supported by all Aragonese”.

Other proposals
“We have pointed out that the structural spending of the Aragonese administration cannot be increased based on the extraordinary increase in collection, as a result of higher inflation and the consequences of the pandemic, which has affected, for example, the increase in collection in successions and donations.

“We want to make it clear that these are temporary income and if they apply them to increase structural expenses, it will mean, in the medium and long term, more deficit and more debt, something that we consider immoral and irresponsible, since it supposes a mortgage greater than the existing one. for our children and grandchildren.

“Secondly, we believe that a significant reduction in taxes and rates is perfectly viable in the short term based on the increases in collection that the Treasury is making and that are therefore in the Government’s cash.”

VOX has recommended deflating the autonomous personal income tax rate in its first four sections by an amount equal to underlying inflation; apply a discount of 99% in inheritance tax to all grades; reduce the general rate of the tax on Documented Legal Acts from 1.5 to 0.5 percent and discount one hundred percent of the share of the Property Transfer Tax for the purchase of a habitual residence whose price is less than or equal to 300,000 euros” .

On the Wealth Tax , establish a 100% rebate and, lastly, reduce rates to 50 percent while underlying inflation remains at levels above three percent.

“This package of proposals is based on the logic of any Aragonese or any business, which in a situation like the current one reduces expenses and asks that they not suffocate them with taxes. Therefore, they are proposals, logical, reasoned, credible and they are the ones that Aragonese society demands of us”, he asserted.

Comprehensive diagnosis
“Compared to the proposals that we have heard from the rest of the other groups, and using a health simile, our measures go beyond an emergency treatment to alleviate the fiscal pressure on families and companies . We see it necessary, to cure the sick , carry out a more exhaustive diagnosis in order to be able to apply a treatment that restores health to the economy and to the future of Aragon”, he pointed out.

Morón has shown the group’s surprise at the request made. “We would have preferred that this request had been made before last Christmas, when inflation was already at 7.2% and the proposals that are requested of us, if applied, would have already taken effect, but on these dates, when there are days for the presentation of the spending ceiling and the budget debate, it is hardly credible that any proposal has a place and therefore can alleviate the current situation of economic suffocation”.

For VOX, this petition seeks to dilute among the opposition groups the responsibility for the government action that corresponds to the quadripartite. “Even knowing that this is so, from our responsibility we have submitted a series of proposals that are in line with what we have been demanding throughout this legislature,” Morón said.

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