Apple macOS Ventura: Release date, top features, and supported Macs

Apple macOS Ventura

The public release of macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.1 from Apple is scheduled for Monday, October 24. Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, and Handoff for FaceTime are just some of the new features introduced in this update, which was initially shown off at WWDC 2022 in June. In addition to these new features, the System Preferences application has been given a complete makeover, with a new name and interface in System Settings.

Everything you want to know about macOS Ventura is right here.

Apple macOS Ventura: Top features

Stage Manager

With Stage Manager, all of your windows and tabs will be neatly arranged in one place so you can concentrate on the app you need to use. This layout places the active window front and centre, with a list of all other active windows to the left, making it easy to transition between them. Similar to Mission Control and Spaces, it allows you to organize multiple windows simultaneously.

Continuity Camera

Although we have seen advancements in webcam quality on MacBooks over the years, they still can’t compete with the selfie capabilities of iPhones, which are constantly cited as a source of user dissatisfaction. It’s likely that Apple has included a new function in Ventura that lets iPhone owners utilize their device as a webcam. When an iPhone is nearby, a Mac will detect it and use its camera, taking advantage of Center Stage, Portrait mode, and the all-new Studio Light effect.

Other updates to macOS

As an additional highlight, iMessage users on macOS now have the same editing and unsending capabilities on iOS. Another recent addition is the capability to retract an email sent from the Mail app. The productivity-boosting Clock app for iPhones and iPads is also available for Macs. And now that Safari has been upgraded, you can log in in without having to remember yet another password, thanks to Passkeys.

Sharing websites with friends and family in real-time is now possible thanks to the browser’s new Tab Group feature. It is also possible to initiate a FaceTime or Message call from within Safari.

Spotlight’s interface has been reworked to make it more user-friendly. Users can now search for photos in their photo library and elsewhere on the system and online. Using Live Text, users will be able to search for specific images based on metadata such as location, people, scenes, and items.

Apple macOS Ventura: System requirements

There’s a chance that macOS Ventura will be too much for your ageing Mac, even if it’s still functioning. However, the latest version of macOS is available for download on the following Macs:
Macs that are compatible with macOS Ventura are:

  • MacBook models from 2017 or later
  • MacBook Air models from 2018 or later
  • MacBook Pro models from 2017 or later
  • Mac mini models from 2018 or later
  • iMac models from 2017 or later
  • iMac Pro (all models)
  • Mac Pro models from 2019 or later
  • Mac Studio (all models)

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