The Buzz Kill has always around but no one really knew it until about two years ago.

In the summer of 2002, writer and founder Richard Pruitt was writing entertainment for his high school newspaper. The monthly article was called The Entertainment Buzz. In December, a year end review was typed up. It was called the The Entertainment Buzz Kill. This was the start of the site that you see today,

In 2005, The Buzz Kill Was introduced to the world via the free yahoo web page. It was the The debut of the some of the things Richard had done on the internet besides his stand up. The page didn’t last long as it was geared to his old home town.

In 2006, The Buzz Kill moved to the then Popular Myspace. Humor blogs and a lot of advertising was the only thing that was truly done there. The Myspace site died a few months later but Richard knew it was the beginning of something special.

In the summer of 2009, the site you see before you was born and only had One piece on it for around 8 months. Now, you can find a new piece or two daily. We love to make people smile, make people think and make People scratch their head.

In 2013 we dropped the word Blog, well, because it sounds like something that is done in the bedroom. We embraced e-magazine with open arms.

Welcome to The Buzz Kill Magazine, The Smartest Dumbest Website on The Net