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Author: Amber Mcquade

Word Vomit: The Mad Aritst

As my brush glides across the canvas I realize I’m not in control anymore. It’s this force that I can’t contain. A wicked energy glides through my very core Madly painting this artwork to life. It’s my soul that loves and lives to create. This feeling I know too well when my body is no longer bound by chains. I thrive in chaos Live in mess Dream in madness. Too long have I been bound by routine and been driven down by day to day tasks. When I let go of the strings my soul flies. I am up...

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Evolving From Pain

Some wonder how some people can evolve from the worst experiences. Well, we are the kindest, wisest, and the most empathetic people you will ever meet. Sometimes pain isn’t who you are; it’s where you come from. It makes you believe in change. It makes you a better person because you’re not so quickly to judge others on their actions. We’ve been there, and we understand you. Too many people say we are damaged goods. We are not damaged. We met with life’s cruelest moments, and we’re still alive. We are survivors. If in fact we live in a...

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Don’t Let the Judgmental Bastards Get You Down

Someone once asked me what would be your best advice to a younger version of yourself. It was a very good question and took me a while to come up with a good enough answer. I had to pour my eyes over old journals, old statuses, and old blog posts. Believe it or not, I wasn’t the same person anymore. I have changed dramatically. One of the best reasons I can give for that is I don’t really care anymore. I used to care what people thought of me, especially people that didn’t matter. My best advice is just...

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The Things They Don’t Tell You About Being Pregnant

As the final months of my pregnancy are approaching, I looked back since the beginning on what people didn’t tell me about after you become pregnant. This isn’t some weird article about weird things that happen. Not all of them happen with your body, but with your mind and social life as well. These were the things I was never warned about before I became surprised with our little bundle of joy. Every pregnancy is different When you have those friends who tell you “Oh, it’s wonderful” and “Oh, you’ll love it, it’s a great experience” honestly I want...

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Feminism, Not Anti-Men

Recently I came upon a quote made about feminism. The quote goes like this: “Why do feminists hate men?” Why does a movement for women become so misunderstood to the point where it’s still about men? That seems to make a lot of sense when you decide to let it the words sink in. I consider myself a feminist. The term was always defined mentally had been ‘strong woman’. The reason internally why I believe this statement to be true is that I think we deserve a chance to be treated the same as the opposite sex. Sometimes when...

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