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A very epic music video about being a mother and postpartum. You are not alone. #climbout Written by Amy Albert Directed by Kathryne Easton Shot by Matt Fore Starring Amy Albert, Almarie Guerra, Lindsey Ford and Ele...

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Crying Into My Cake: But There Was A Bomb

I got a call about doing a Princess Sofia party for a 2-year-old. Who the hell is Princess Sofia? Apparently, it plays on Disney Jr. and is about a little girl whose mother married a king and so she became a Princess by marriage. Great, another nepotism success story in Hollywood. Just what we all need. I get the details. Beverly Hills party. Good start. $100 for 1.5 hrs. Cool. 7:00 pm start. Ok…ay. Wait, isn’t this a party for a little kid? Why is it starting so late? I start to think on it, then get distracted because...

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About the Whole “Grabbing Pussies” Thing…

Dear Mr. Trump, I, like every other human woman on the planet, think you’re pretty disgusting, and with this week’s leaked tape of you bragging to Billy Bush about how you’re so famous that you can just grab women by their pussies, and they’re totes okay with this, have only furthered our feelings of utter disgust. However, I’m grappling with the whole “grabbing” a pussy thing. Not only because it’s abhorrent and pathetic, but because I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the mechanics of it. You see, Mr. Trump, vagina’s, pardon me, pussies, are pretty hard to grab....

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Sex Toys That Remind Us of the 2016 Presidential Candidates (NSFW)

It’s election time people, and boy oh boy are things getting heated in the polls. I decided to do my duty as an American and write an article where I do countless hours of research matching sex toys to the current Presidential candidates. ‘Merica! 1.      Marco Rubio Marco Rubio is the youngest off all candidates this time around, hailing from Miami Florida. This former attorney is a husband and father of four who once had dreams of becoming a football player. Sure, he’s against gay marriage, isn’t too keen on abortion rights and wants to get rid...

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5 Sexual Scenarios That Will Make Your Husband Not Care You Gambled Away All The Money You Saved for the Year To Buy Your Kids Christmas Presents

Whoopsie Doodle! You did it again, you silly goose! You got all messed up on mescaline and three buck Chuck and hit the dog track instead of hitting the mall! Oh boy, are you in trouble! Or are you? Sometimes a little razzle-dazzle in the ole boudoir can solve even the biggest snafus!  Here are a couple of tips (or a little more than just the tip. See what I did there?) To get yourself out of the doghouse and back in the will! 1.  The “Tony Danza” You dress like Judith Light and use big words like “predictable”...

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