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Author: Ashlee Pruitt

Midnight Music Video: Dorothy- Dark Nights

It is a long-standing fact that I have an extremely varied taste in music. On my current playlist you can find Disney, Green Day, Garth Brooks, System of a Down, *NSYNC, and Broadway musicals all mixed together. There is little to no music I will not at least attempt to listen to, and I generally end up liking it all. One of my favorite things is when new people or situations introduce me to new artists. I’m the crazy person at the end of the movie waiting to see the songs listed in the credits or the one trying...

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Epic Disney Villains Medley

So, as you may or may not know, I have a slight obsession with all things Disney. While this is not uncommon for a female my age, it goes way back. Honestly, it has always been there. There are pictures of 3-year-old me, shortly after watching Snow White for the first time, making my entire family march up and down the hallway singing the “Hi Ho!” song while pretending to be “dorks”. (Because dwarves is very hard to say!) and the love just kept getting stronger. I had the privilege of growing up during the big resurgence of Disney...

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Dear Santa from Ashlee

Dear Santa, Let me start by saying thank you for giving me exactly what I wished for last year. All through the last year, the person I asked you to help last year has made new friends, some so close they are more like family, and been shown time and time again how appreciated he is. And I think he’s actually almost starting to believe he is pretty wonderful and deserves to have amazing, caring people who will always be on his side. As for what I want this year, that’s a lot harder. This year already I have...

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The Hall of Hunks: Jared Padalecki

Many years ago as a young geeky girl, there was no bigger role model then Rory Gilmore. She had a knack for school and a love for books that I looked up to. She also had the best boyfriend possible. He just understood her so well. He was super cute, gave her food, and let her roam the bookstore for hours; all the things my young self knew the perfect man needed to be. This is where my love for Jared Padalecki, then playing Dean Foster, truly started. Fast forward to 2005, when there was a ton of hype...

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