Author: Rebekah Paige

The Hall of Hunks: Idris Elba

I have a thing for a man with an accent. I do not know why, but if a man has an accent my panties are automatically at half-mast. Especially if it is a British accent. Men are just different from England. The men there are more debonair. They hold themselves with pride. They are sharp dressers. A man in a suit is a turn on, remember that gentlemen. When I was diving into US version of The Office, I fell in love with a character. He was a character that was not in Scranton for a long time, but...

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The Hall of Hunks: Corey Graves

I have a thing for bad boys. I love a guy who can speak his mind. A man who can use his words to tell the perfect story will have me falling hard. Another thing that I look for in my bad boy is a man who not afraid to express who they are. Tattoos on a man are a weakness. Even thinking about it has made my knees weak. I was looking for the perfect induction into the Hall of Hunks this week, and it was an easy choice. Being that TBK Magazine is celebrating WrestleMania week, Corey...

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Dear Santa from Rebekah

Dear Santa, I think I have been a good girl this year. Oh, who the hell I am kidding. I have been a very naughty girl. I think I have been so bad, that you may have to punish me Santa. I have broken many of hearts of so many men. And I kind of feel bad. So, if you could leave me a good spanking that would be wonderful. And if you really wanted to get me something nice to go along with that spanking, having Matt Smith administer those spanking would make it even better. I also...

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The Hall of Hunks: Yukon Cornelius

I have been trying to decide the idea of what my perfect man would be. There are always the guys who are loaded with muscles, and those are not bad at all. Well, that is until they only think with one muscle and that guy becomes about as useful as a broken clock. I do always love a good sensitive man who loves poetry and is able to dig deep into my feelings. The bad thing about that is they usually come out to me, I have a terrible knack about attracting the gay guys, or they still have...

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Oh Honey! 2016 Emmy Fashions

As a woman, I always wondered why the fashion was such a big deal. I may not have the best style in the world, but most of those dresses look like fabric stolen from the couch at your grandmother’s place. That is why I decided after looking at all the runway looks last night, I needed to do something different. That is why this is the first edition of Oh Honey. There are two ways that the ladies fashion may go, Oh Honey, that looks amazing or Oh Honey, let me stroke your hair and tell you everything is...

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