Bobbie Turner

Hey! Most people know me as Bobbie Lynne. I grew up in a small town in the fields of Arkansas and now live in a small town in the trees of Tennessee. I am a mother of three wonderful, very energetic kids. I pay the bills as a full time construction worker. I am an absolute clean freak (most say I have OCD). Imagine Super Woman on crack meets bipolar book worm… Yep, that’s me! I’m addicted to chocolate, Netflix, adult romance novels, and poetry. I’m a huge Edgar Allen Poe and Maya Angelou fan! I’m just a small town southern girl at heart. I enjoy camping, fishing, ATVs, anything outdoors, writing, shooting pool, cooking, and cleaning. Yes, you read it right… I enjoy cleaning. To sum it up, I am just a small town girl trying to live a small town life… The southern way! I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table!
  • Word Vomit


  • Half Baked Headlines #7

    Let me start this week’s Half Baked Headlines by apologizing for missing last week’s headlines. Life kind of snuck up on me. As we all...

  • Half-Baked Headlines # 6

    Welcome to week six of Half-Baked Headline. This week I will bring you a church pew throw down, a firmly planted nanny, and a dumb...

  • Half Baked Headlines #5

    It’s that time again. It’s time for those news headlines that make you say “Really?” This week I bring you a business that wasn’t prepared,...

  • Word Vomit

    HIS Smooth satin covers my eyes I know he’s there when he releases a sigh A sound cloaked in the pain of self-control I can...

  • Half Baked Headlines #4

    Rednecks, superheroes, and public nudity…Must be in the south! I hate to disappoint, but all of this week’s half-baked headlines took place just north of...

  • Half Baked Headlines #3

    What do teddy bears, skin, and prenups have in common? I will tell you! They are all part of this week’s Half-Baked Headlines. In Athens,...

  • Half Baked Headlines #2

    Welcome to week two of Half-Baked Headlines where I bring you the craziest news around. We all seem to have a little crazy in us...

  • Word Vomit

    Tell Me Tell me how you need me, Tell me how you care. Tell me how I’m beautiful, Tell me how my smile is kind...

  • Half Baked Headlines

    Welcome to Half-Baked Headlines where I bring you the craziest, weirdest news stories around. Each week I will bring you the stories that make you...

  • Mentally Imperfect

    Let me start by saying that if you see the world in black and white, then you may need to stop reading now. We live...

  • Shamelessly Social #3

    For the past few weeks I have covered over sharing, but this time I want to step off beat for a minute. Let’s discuss the...

  • Shamelessly Social #2

    You would think that if a person took the time to plan and carry out a criminal act that they would do everything possible not...

  • Shamelessly Social

    We have all done it! Some do it daily and some not so often but we all do it. We Share! We share on Facebook,...

  • The Stranger Standing Watch

    Would you willingly sacrifice your life for a perfect stranger? If someone sacrificed their life for you, how would you repay that person? Would you...

  • A Musical Moment

    Okay, How many times have you been in the grocery store and a familiar song catches your attention, causing you to sing along, unaware that...

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