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Author: Brodie Mann

Dear Santa from Brodie

Dear Santa, I know in many years past I’ve often written really scathing diatribes about my suspension of disbelief in the holiday season that your holly jolly fat ass represents, but I think I might take a different tactic this year. Make no mistake… I’m still a grump when it comes to Christmas. However, I might take a slightly more optimistic approach when it comes to our yearly correspondence. This year is a lost cause for sure, but I fully expect it to be the last one. You see, life has bestowed me with one of its greatest gifts....

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Peter Capaldi: Best Doctor Ever?

As we sit on the precipice of the end of Peter Capaldi’s run of Doctor Who; there is a great deal to unpack and savor during his 3-season run. At the start, I should probably preface this by saying that personally, Matt Smith is my personal favorite iteration of the character. The almost childlike excitement/naïveté he brought to the Doctor was so infectious and amazing that it felt like we were right there in the Tardis with him. However, as Capaldi’s tenure came to a close last week, academically speaking I begun to realize that he’s had the best...

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Twin Peaks: A Return to Peak television

Instead of a typically long and pretentious preamble typical of my work, I’m just going to dive right in and say that the new season of Twin Peaks is exactly the type of programming that “serialized” television was made for. Much of the shows experiencing huge numbers in viewership owe their legacy to the little show that could all the way back in the 90’s. Before Twin Peaks debut, there weren’t many tv shows that soaked up the public consciousness whole sale in the way it’s typical of programming today. When the first season dropped back in the early...

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The Deceptive Genius of Trailer Park Boys

Comedy is a subjective thing. Different things are funny to different people and what might be a gut-buster to you, could completely fall on deaf ears to someone else. My own particular tastes in comedy are a never-ending series of ups and downs that wouldn’t really make sense to anyone but me. I’ll plow through some stupid stoner humor, British dry humor, super broad pratfalls and fart jokes and topical acerbic satire. If it makes me laugh, then bully for me. The only time I’m ever super picky about the comedic entertainment I indulge is standup comedy, but that’s...

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Confessions of a Neurotic Nerd: Chapter 1

Where does one even begin when plagued with a mind that travels at 12 million speeds in 24 million different directions? Just when you think you’ve planted your feet firmly in the ground, life decides to change it to quicksand just to see you slowly suffocate to death for its own entertainment? That might be a bit over dramatic, but to those of us who exist their whole lives in their head and are constantly drenched in the pain of their own neurosis, life can become an extremely hard uphill battle. From the outside people seem to wave away...

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