Author: Emerson Braddock

Struggling with an Invisible Disease

Hello friends! Long time no talk. Last summer I was diagnosed with Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease (MSK). I went to the ER in pain, was referred to a kidney Doctor. This wasn’t a big deal to me. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) runs in my moms family. My grandpa died of it, as did my uncle Roy. My uncle Don has had 2 kidney transplants and my mom has had one. I pray daily that is all she has to have. My sisters have had problems off and on, I just figured it was time for me to start getting...

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The Hall of Hunks: Tyler Connolly

Let’s just start this Hall of Hunks by saying, I’d proudly be the Future Ex-Mrs. Connolly. Oh, yeah, the UN-marriable Emerson just said that! Not many people are familiar with Theory of a Deadman. A few years ago, I wasn’t either. I had won tickets to a Daughtry concert, and my husband (ex now) refused to go. He’s all about country music and can’t open his mind, or the few cells he has remaining might run. Anyway…I went to this concert alone. The opening band, Theory of a Deadman, sang All or Nothing, and I was in love. The...

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Questions, Anyone?

Okay, so, how the hell do we ever really know what our other halves are thinking? I am jealous, insecure, and (my favorite) the ice queen. Once you cut ties with me, I’m done. Yeah, that can be heartless, but at the same time, I think it could be the best thing for me. I use it to protect myself. If someone hurts you so bad; IE: my ex-leaving me, then why go back to them to give them the chance to do it again. My ex-tries often to give me advice. I use the Wreck it Ralph “Thanks,...

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Dear Santa From Emerson Braddock

Could I get a few million to get the stress of life off my shoulders, please? Yes, I know it‘s a lot. I‘ve been good all my life and feel like I‘m owed something. Last year, you granted me an early Christmas present, my divorce. Now, if you could pull through for me and the kids on some money… we‘d all appreciate it. Also, could you get Cage to keep a promise? That‘d be nice too. I’d like a Maserati to drive back and forth to work. I’ll take a Louis Vuitton Eclipse handbag with matching wallet to carry...

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