Author: James Master

Changing the rules with Planeswalkers

Spoilers are Coming!! Well, for Magic: The Gathering (M:TG) players anyway. In fact, they are already here. If you look on the M:TG website, they have already revealed so many early spoilers concerning the newest set, Ixalan. The set has just about everything that geeks could want: pirates, treasure maps, merfolk, cities of gold, and dinosaurs. That’s right everybody, they’re actually making dinosaurs in this set. Old Fogey isn’t the only one now! Monday, Aug. 29 Wizards of the Coast published an article on their website that went over the card mechanics of Ixalan which include Enrage, Raid, and...

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Elder Scrolls Legends: How does it compare to Magic and Hearthstone?

How does The Elder Scrolls: Legends compare against similar electronic collectible card games (CCG) like Magic Duels and Hearthstone? For those that don’t know, Legends came out on iOS and Android July 27. The CCG was developed by Dire Wolf Digital and published by Bethesda Softworks. Prior to being released on mobile devices, it was released on Microsoft Windows on March 9 and on macOS May 31 of this year The game plays similar to Hearthstone and Magic where players take turns playing creatures and spells to diminish the opponent to zero life. For those that play more Hearthstone,...

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