Author: L Bachman

Movie Review: IT (2017) (Some Spoilers)

I went into this having grown up with the original miniseries so I was biased. I’m a Tim Curry fan from his Rocky Horror Picture Show to his time on Roseanne as a con-man and all the in-between and beyond so Skarsgard had some big clown shoes to fill for me, but I have to say, he did a pretty good job at it! At first, I wasn’t too thrilled that Hollywood was messing with another cult classic. I had that deep seeded loathing of my childhood being messed with and fear of it being messed up, but this...

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WTF Cryptos with L. Bachman: Tulpas

A tulpa is a thoughtform that comes to life and the practice of this is called tulpamancy.  The concept of tulpamancy can be traced back to Tibetan Buddhism. Monks practiced this; to create tulpas to overcome emotional attachments like phobias. An example of their practice that I discovered to explain this would be if a monk was afraid of a spider they would strongly focus during meditation that there was a spider (but it was really a tulpa) until there really was one that they could see. Ultimately, they would then use this to teach themselves that the fear...

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Interview with the Amazing Ryan Westbrook

  Often times when interviews happen for me it’s an arrangement, someone replying to a small post I’ll do about wanting to do an interview or someone asking me to help them out while they’re promoting, but that was not what led to me meeting comic artist Ryan Westbrook. In this case, I was taking a break from my scheduled workload and saw that horror phenomenon TJ Weeks was sharing a live stream from The Horror Squad artist. I being curious and on a small break decided to check out the comic in its process. I’m always interested in...

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L. Bachman, you’re here too?

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself becoming a staff writer. I’m sure some foresaw it, but not I. How I came to be one–that is something that seems to be a reoccurring theme in my career. This theme is that things seem to be happy chances and a lot of luck, but that’s just how they appear. Behind the beautiful mask, I get to wear as The Queen of Nightmares, since I’m a woman of horror writing, I work very hard and even sometimes working while completely exhausted and even when my coffee IV has...

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