Leann McCoy

Hi, I’m Leann. I’m known as the resident weird one in my close knit group of friends. We used to be mortal enemies, like, die wench die kind of enemies, but we bonded over Inuyasha and wine coolers. Now we’re the best of “die wench die” friends. Writing is my drug. Humor is my go-to for keeping life, not so serious. You’ll catch me jumping between the post-Apoc (post-apocalyptic world for those who don’t know) of my creation and the world of angels and demons in another story. I’m one of those random ones that a lot people think has a mental disorder, but I’m actually quite sane most of the time. You’ll catch me at Buzz Kill well killing time and dare I say, bemoaning the fact that I’m not a gamer in a very game filled household. So ta da! And have fun!
  • The Lyco Factor: Chapter One

    Chapter One – Late Winter, Year 2030 – Border of South Memphis Manna rubbed Nickel’s cheek softly as he nuzzled his face into her shoulder....

  • Without Words

     Most of my days were filled with chaotic silence.  Silence. How can I actually say that word with having two fully active boys? They scream,...

  • Sweet Tea and Sarcasm #6

    I’ve recently had a strong hankering for pickles. Not that kind of pickle, you perv. I’ve had a craving for those eerily vinegar tasting delicacies...

  • Sweet Tea and Sarcasm #5

    Almost every adult has one specific item in their household. It takes up space, and they think it needs to be thrown away. But for...

  • Sweet Tea and Sarcasm #4

    Now everyone has that one friend or two. This person might also be a family member. The culprit loves to drink. And when I mean...

  • The Hall: Taylor Kitsch

    Can we say drool worthy? He’s got the abs of an Adonis, the smile of pretty Cheshire, and he can throw a mean set of...

  • Sweet Tea And Sarcasm

    I’ve always had a bi-polar relationship with cleaning. Sometimes, I’m at the point I want to make the plunge and make what we have a...

  • Sweet Tea And Sarcasm

    The process of moving into a new house and then settling in absolutely and royally sucks. We moved for several reasons, most of them personal,...

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