Author: Melissa McCollum

Dear Santa from Melissa McCollum

Santa, I want just one small thing and it’s already been made very easy for you: I want Jack Schaap to be really, really unhappy, he is a man now. You get my drift, I know. Even though this may be happening as I write, I would feel much better with confirmation. I’ll supply a sleigh full of licorice whips and whiskey as a small token of appreciation....

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The Scene of The Crime

Why would I want to come back, inviting a death sentence established in my fate from the beginning of time? I very adamantly wouldn’t. However, it turned out I had to return to the scene of the crime, so to speak. I had to be brought to my knees and come back where it all started to see the truth. I couldn’t do it on my own anymore, no matter how hard I struggled against the confirmation that I am nonfunctional. The fact is that I haven’t been able to tap into managing my life or myself for a...

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Word Vomit

A Night A man in the freshly paved street is on fire He had a tongue ring and long blonde hair, looked a lot like Axl Rose at 35 He flirted with me, used ridiculous lines, something about emotional security. Later I watched him get arrested for possession in the parking lot arguing with police, saying that he was just using the bathroom; “How you gonna arrest me for using the bathroom!” He sounded so ‘come upon.’ That voice, nonsense. He really put himself into it. I stood outside against the motel’s concrete wall staring, giggling inside. It was...

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