Author: Michelle Moe

She Said: Lucy Review

I have decided, my lovely BuzzKillers, that I am designating myself the BuzzKill staff reporter on movies and books. Why? Because I love those two things and they don’t stress me out, or get me as many threats of violence, as when I write about things like women wanted to be treated like human beings. Don’t worry, those articles will still show up, as will my original pieces. It’s just that now I have settled on an avenue that will focus my writing and keep me in material. Coming up with random topics gets hard and overwhelming for somebody...

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Robin Williams

On Monday, August 11, 2014, the world lost a great man. Robin Williams was found unresponsive in his home and it was suspected to be a suicide via asphyxiation. I’m in my thirties and I’ve been through a few celebrity deaths, but none has had the impact on me that Robin Williams’ death is having. My heart is aching and my eyes are tearing. Robin Williams has been with me for 31 years. I have very vague memories of Mork, but I wanted Mrs. Doubtfire to be my nanny. If Peter Pan had to grow up there was no...

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Indie Review: Pontypool

Hey, guys! I’m turning out to be the worst kind of blogger: the one who never updates. I apologize. Lately, my life has been super boring and nothing has made me overly gleeful or overly angry. Nothing new, anyway. In light of the situation, I thought I’d share a movie review with you all. Last night, my husband and I watched a little film called Pontypool. It left an impression on me, partially because by the end, I was scratching my head. On the surface, it’s a new take on the zombie genre. However, I can’t help but feel...

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Freedom: Part 2

***Welcome to the second installment of Freedom! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Between work, back pain issues, and lack of motivation, I haven’t had a chance/drive to write. Life, man. What a pain. Anyway, this is part two of my original story that was first posted here: This story is fictional and does not reflect any persons, living or dead. Please consider this work, copyright to me. If you steal, I will find you and I will do nasty things to you. Thanks for reading! *** Freedom, Part 2 It took a few weeks for the heady...

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Ok. I wasn’t going to do this. I was going to wait until after my honeymoon to write a nice article about my wedding and share some pretty pictures. Now, I find myself so angry that I have to take time out of my busy day to get some stuff off my chest. There was a shooting in Santa Barbara over the weekend. The killer left a video manifesto blaming his actions on the rejection he felt from women. He blamed women for his virginity and felt that he was entitled to their affections because he was “a nice...

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