Michelle Moe

Hi. My name is Michelle and I like to read things and play video games and watch movies. Terry Brooks, Anne Bishop, and Robert Jordan changed my life with each new book they released. I love Star Wars, Zelda, Bioshock, LoTR, and absolutely anything Joss Whedon. I’m crafty and love to tangle with yarn for knitting or fabric for sewing. I recently moved to Jonesboro, AR from Phoenix, AZ. While I lived in Phoenix, I worked for Phoenix ComiCon as a programming coordinator. My area was Whedonverse and I was responsible for all things Whedon. I worked closely with the Arizona Browncoats and I was responsible for coming up with all the panel ideas for Whedonverse, staffing those panels with panelists, and recruiting and maintaining several minions (otherwise known as volunteers). One of my favorite responsibilities was writing up the descriptions for each panel. It was so much fun thinking up creative ways to say “This panel is about who’s better: Angel or Spike.” As I’m sure you know, Spike is totally the better vampire. I’ve also begun exploring cosplay. I started off simple with a Faith costume one year. I look enough like Eliza Dushku (though without the banging bod) that it was pretty easy to manage. I’ve done a custom Sith Lord costume in recent years, as well. Before I learned to sew, my fiancée made the skirts for me. I was ashamed that he could sew and I couldn’t, so I learned by making my own Elizabeth Comstock costume. I did everything but the corset and I’m still receiving compliments for that project. Writing is something I’ve always been interested in pursing, but I’ve never had the guts. I think I’d like to change that. If you stick around and read the articles Buzz Kill has been kind enough to post, I promise to try to entertain and inform. We’ll talk about life, the universe, hobbies, games, and general geekery. Maybe, if you’re good, I’ll even throw in some original writing. Care to take me up on it?
  • She Said: Lucy Review

    I have decided, my lovely BuzzKillers, that I am designating myself the BuzzKill staff reporter on movies and books. Why? Because I love those two...

  • Robin Williams

    On Monday, August 11, 2014, the world lost a great man. Robin Williams was found unresponsive in his home and it was suspected to be...

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    Hey, guys! I’m turning out to be the worst kind of blogger: the one who never updates. I apologize. Lately, my life has been super...

  • Freedom: Part 2

    ***Welcome to the second installment of Freedom! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. Between work, back pain issues, and lack of motivation, I haven’t had...

  • #YesAllWomen

    Ok. I wasn’t going to do this. I was going to wait until after my honeymoon to write a nice article about my wedding and...

  • Mawwiage

    Howdy, BuzzKillers. Welcome back to my little slice of the interwebs. Today, I would like to talk to you about marriage. Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what...

  • F is For Friends

    Hello, BuzzKill folks. Sorry it’s been so long since my last article. I recently started a new job and, as it’s been so long since...

  • Freedom: Part 1

    ***Remember when I promised original stories? Here’s your first taste, BuzzKillers! Freedom: Part 1, an original story by me, Michelle Moe. This story is fictional...

  • Cosplay Love

    Hi, again, everybody! I want to thank you all for making my first article such a success. It’s so nice to finally be pursuing a...

  • Moving on and Starting Over

    Hello, Buzz Kill readers.  I’m Michelle and I’m new.  At some point I fully intend to entertain you with my unparalleled wit, amazing observations, and...

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