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Author: Misty Loveless

I Am Not Ready To Say Goodbye

I know I’m not an established writer yet. I’m sure no one has missed me, but I am going to continue pretending that many of you have and are so glad to hear from me again. I have started several articles in the past few months, but an overwhelming depression has stopped me halfway through each of them. I mean what’s the point? I’m dying anyways, right? We all are. My life has taken a rather morbid turn here lately. 9 am Sunday Dec 14, 2014, I received a phone call telling me my dad had passed at some...

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Battle of Wills

If I had to compare my life to a television show, it would have to be Honey Boo Boo meets Jerry Springer. I’m not exaggerating; you couldn’t possibly make this stuff up. I am Misty. I’m 32 years old and a pleasantly plump single mother of 4 amazing children whom I often refer to as The Minions. Although I am not too happy about the plump or the single part. When I say single I mean never been married and always alone in the world even if I am dating someone at the time. I wake up every single...

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