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Author: Peony Ann

Word Vomit: Weak Flesh, Faithful Heart

The mind and spirit are strong with love The body weak with lust Heart resisting temptation The flesh craving sinful touch   Yearning for that connection, yet fearing that imprinting glance The body shudders, mind imagines; Carnal pleasures to be had   Heart says no, he’s not for you Body says come closer Both battle; wage war, for what they cannot have   Love wins the war this time; Forces body to await her lover’s...

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Breaking the Bottle #9

After we spread grandma’s ashes and things in the yard, and I’d had some time to heal, I decided that it would be a good time to go back up north to Chicago. By heal I mean a few more wasted days, and the means to get the hell out of that town. I’d made arrangements to live with my friend Sydney while I got on my feet, and I was doing my best to focus on something other than the loss of my grandmother. Anything was better than focusing on that, so back to Chicago I went where...

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Word Vomit: Thoughts of You

Thoughts of you all day long How now that i found you, anything without you would just feel wrong You light up my evenings, and brighten my days I know you were meant for me regardless of what anyone says This love is like i’ve never known I didn’t just fall in love, I have grown It’s understanding and real Not superficial and fake I could never take this for granted Never throw it away Instead I embrace it, cherish it Knowing exactly what’s at stake You’ve captured my heart In the most sincere way Not by lying and...

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Word Vomit: Explore

Explore her on the surface you see ebony eyes downtrodden and blue still they hold worlds, of which you never knew   Explore a little further rivers swift and long her love flows forever, playing a beautiful song   Explore beyond the cover by the cover judge her not simple, effortless she may seem, her story is not   Explore all of the wonders in this heart and soul reside never a facade behind a beautiful lie   Explore inside, beneath skins depth caverns buried but beautiful exquisite in all she is, it’ll take your...

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Word Vomit: Again

On her soul, darkness sets in blades dance across her skin, as droplets faintly waltz to the floor   Pains she thought she’d let go again take their hold She’s again prisoner to her mind   She searches for light from within Only to fall into the shadows of past Her demons, they’re winning agian   A glance in the mirror reveals a face she recognizes no longer A ghost of a woman, her empty shell A stronger one of what she’s become   She holds back her tears, Closes her eyes and covers her ears as the screams...

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