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Author: Peony Ann

Love Sees No Gender

Here’s an awesome subject that really tends to get me going, the LGBT community and its controversies. Don’t take this the wrong way because it’s something that I support. So much so I decided that being a gay man wasn’t nearly as much fun as it would be to be a transgender woman. I guess what wasn’t entirely brought to light in my bio is that I am formerly Paul Andrew. Peony Ann is a name I chose for myself when I decided I no longer wanted to have a dick bigger than my brother’s or future ex husband’s....

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Bullying: An Epidemic Of Asshats

Bullies are possibly one of the most hated cliques in society over the spans of the continents.  We who have been bullied know why however, the people who bully seems to think it’s a perfectly normal way to express them self and for the life of them can’t figure out why they don’t have any real friends.  Seriously, how do you not understand the simple concept that you don’t have friends because you’re mean to everyone?  I hate to break it to you ass hats out there, but fear is NOT any kind of foundation to build a friendship...

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Drunk Dialing Exes

DRUNK DIALING EXES: Why we hate them; admitting my own guilt Let me just start off by letting you all know, that this is from the perspective of an ex girlfriend with psychotic tendencies, who in the past, didn’t want to accept the break up… ME! Yes, I have been THAT girl. No, I am not writing an article on myself, just women who are similar. WHY, you ask? To you I say, simply because I can, that’s why! You will laugh about it! (I have awesome Jedi Mind powers) Also, because by all technicalities, I am a Korean...

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