Author: Peony Ann

Word Vomit: Sitting Here

Sitting here alone tonight wishing i was at your side your beating heart, shallow breaths to lull me fast asleep   Sitting here I wonder what’s he doing now does he think of me too does he miss my sounds   Sitting here reflecting, that last kiss still fresh in my mind passionate, slow, and sweet what’s this fate, why’d we meet   Sitting here I imagine what we could be just friends, or each others true love I let the thoughts linger curious, always wanting to know more   Sitting here deep in thought feeling so lucky to...

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Dear Santa from Peony

Dear Santa, I just want to be on the nice list. Yes, I’m naughty and while I understand that’s the only reason you know where I live, I don’t want to be on that list. I don’t need another lump of coal, as it will eventually be a diamond under all the damn pressure. I’m not into diamonds or all of the trappings that come with it. Fuck that. Frankly I am good at being naughty with my current partner and I don’t need your assistance this year in this particular department. I’m content. I just want some sort...

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Word Vomit: Your Love Changes

Your love changes so easily like the seasons, unpredictable, one moment hot, then cold as confusing as mother nature herself   Your love changes so easily like the colors on an Autumn tree One moment red and vibrant the next no longer green, but dead and life less   You love changes so easily oh, how quickly it transitions one moment into a raging forest fire the next, a torrential storm, drowned is your desire   Your love changes so easily one day like the sun gently caressing my body the next it’s the grey clouds making it rain...

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Word Vomit: One More for Him

He says goodbye tears fill her eyes, this new journey she faces alone A shattered heart, shattered dreams and a fish to keep her company She breathes in deep, heart broken and weak tears like rivers, from her eyes are flowing The first step is hard, the second harder sound of the closing door...

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Word Vomit: Devotion

Emotions felt with pure devotion, Truths are known, but never spoken She holds his hand, he holds her heart Neither knowing just where to start Two feathers floating on the wind, She swears she’s his until the end This path they walk seems so uncertain She’ll stay at his side ’til god pulls the curtain He has not known commitment like this Rather cheaters and thieves who take advantage Sometimes harsh with the words he’s spoken, Her spirit too strong to ever be broken He pushes her harder to succeed, As she tries to cater to his every need...

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