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Author: Peony Ann

Word Vomit: Devotion

Emotions felt with pure devotion, Truths are known, but never spoken She holds his hand, he holds her heart Neither knowing just where to start Two feathers floating on the wind, She swears she’s his until the end This path they walk seems so uncertain She’ll stay at his side ’til god pulls the curtain He has not known commitment like this Rather cheaters and thieves who take advantage Sometimes harsh with the words he’s spoken, Her spirit too strong to ever be broken He pushes her harder to succeed, As she tries to cater to his every need...

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Word Vomit: Dreams

I dream of your face your come and get me smile Feel the warmth of your arms around me I can taste the sweetness of your lips   I dream of us together again Making love faces, Holding hands, I still hear your promises of forever ringing in my ears   I dream of our family, what we could have been How beautiful she’d have looked With mommy’s brown eyes, Our freckles, my nose Daddy’s sweet smile, a mixture of our laughs   I dream of the days when we began the fall of being so deeply in love...

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Word Vomit: Unable

Unable to calm her, Unable to dry her tears, I feel emptier than I have in years I know she’s only 5, She doesn’t understand, All she wants is mommy home again The guilt boils inside of me, I feel it’s all my fault Daddy and I split Something no one ever thought Unable to be there Unable to chase her fears My eyes are quickly flooded, with uncontrollable tears Her begging and her pleading, Leaves my heart cold and bleeding She only wants me home Whats done is done, No way to turn back If only this were...

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Word Vomit: Does He?

You may be in his arms tonight, but are you the only one on his mind Are you certain it’s only you, to which his heart confides?   He may profess his love for you Your mind too weak to recognize his one of many lies Can  you really not see what he hides behind those deceitful ebony eyes?   Are you just an imbecile, an innocent just as I Wrapped in this false euphoria, a most beautiful disguise   Does he make sumptuous love to you maybe moan your sweet name in the dark? Does he express sincerely...

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Word Vomit: I Remember

I remember all the sleepless nights, Just talking in the dark When being in love came naturally Not searching for the spark I remember when I’d wake Just to watch you sleep How every night we’d hold each other I felt so at peace I remember the first time we really made love, How great it was to just let go To be with you completely Mind, body and soul I remember all the tickle fights So silly but so sweet How we’d talked about forever Wondering why it had taken so long for us to meet I remember...

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