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Author: Richard Pruitt

The Spice Girls are Reuniting for a Summer Tour

I think it is time to bust out your favorite 90s gear and prepare to spend a little bit of money because the rumors are true. Later this year, one of the most influential pop groups of the past 25 years will reunite to tour the UK and the US. The Spice Girls are getting back together. The girl group who told you what you want, what you really want, is going to be bringing their sound back to the global stage. The Spice Girls burst onto the scene with their smash hit Wannabe in 1997, and the rest...

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Unpopular Opinion: It’s Time to Let Go

I hate when someone says television and movies were better when we were kids. For me, it is the English equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, or someone who smacks when they eat. Of course, television was better then, the hardest decision we had to make was whether or not we would eat cereal or pop tarts. Life was simpler when we were young, we didn’t have the rigors of everyday life bogging us down. We didn’t have to worry about bills or where our next meal would come from, we always knew that our parents had our best...

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Vince McMahon Relaunches The XFL

These are words that I never thought I would put down on virtual paper, but in the year 2020, the XFL returns! Today, Vince McMahon, the behind the driving force that is WWE, announced through his new venture Alpha Entertainment that The XFL would return. The question that has to be asked in this case is if this is the right decision? And did Vince learn from those mistakes in 2001 that caused the newly formed league to fade away just as quick as it started? In the press conference, he did touch on a few things, and I...

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The 90s Reboots Are Taking Over: Animaniacs and Sister,Sister

I am not sure I can blame the networks for wanting to jump on the bandwagon of rebooting shows, but it seems two more shows are going to be resurrected from the dead. One makes sense, the other, I am bewildered as a fan of television It was announced that Hulu would be rebooting the very popular Animaniacs. The cartoon took place around the Warner Brothers….Yakko and Wakko….and the Warner Sister Dot. The three were locked in the water tower at the WB studios only to escape and cause havoc. Also, the show had a ton of smaller cartoons,...

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25 Years of Being Raw!

I do not have any complaints about my childhood at all. Sure, we may not have had the most money, or the very best, but we never went without anything. But, I can always remember that each and every Monday Night, you could bet my mom, dad, and myself were glued to the television watching wrestling. The show was Prime Time Wrestling. Some of the best moments I have from childhood come from those Mondays. I remember when Andre the Giant in one of his last television appearances made Bobby Heenan stomp grapes. My dad laughed for a good...

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