Author: Richard Pruitt

Video Killed The Internet Star #18

It is a brand new episode of the show that makes fun of the music videos you and love to hate. In this episode, We get taken back to a much simpler time of a teen boy with a volleyball player poster in his room. Are people more ashamed of their nudes leaking online or admitting that they were in a Nickelback Video? And we find out who Indiana Jones worst villain would be....

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Unpopular Opinion: Superhero Movies

I am a self-proclaimed geek. So, I know what I am about to type is going to cause some issue with a few people, and I will take full responsibility for that. I will completely understand if you take to Amazon Prime to buy some pitchforks, and torches. However, be warned that I will at least have a two-day head start on you. But I am just going to say it, I am tired of Superhero movies. I am not sure about any of you, but there seems to be a new movie based on a superhero coming out...

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A Very Special PSA

This is a Public Service Announcement. If this was an actual PSA, it would be interrupting an episode of Jerry Springer as it airs in your hometown. Have you ever met someone that says they’re adult but you know they still have their mouth planted firmly on their mother’s tit? Yeah, not the best mental image but try to fight through the pain. We have to grow up sometime. It’s kind of the way life is. It’s funny how that works, we leave the nest to start our own lives, but some people never leave that nest. Remember how...

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Retro Music Video: Walking In Memphis

It’s been awhile since I have just candidly written to all of you but I felt it was finally time. I sometimes forget that I have this outlet to air my heart. And I know it is not the thing that anyone really wants to read, but sometimes if you do not let out what is on the mind, you can explode. And not in a good way if there is such a thing. A lot has happened in the past couple of years of life. Some great, such as getting married. I can now have sex without God...

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A $100 Three Ring Circus of a Fight

I am a huge sports fan. There is something about the thrill of the win and the agony of defeat that gets my blood going. It does not matter if it is a team sport, or an individual performance, I will be on the edge of my seat wanting to see more. Hell, while waiting for the announcement of the Doctor on BBC 1, I was able to get into the men’s final at Wimbledon. So much so, that my neighbors may somewhat hate me now because it was 9 AM on a Sunday. But this one time, I...

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