Author: Richard Pruitt

Stranger Things Picked Up For a Third Season

It is official. Break out the set of Christmas Lights, make sure the Eggo Waffles are accessible, and remember the power of eleven because Netflix has renewed Stranger Things for a third season. The Duffer Brothers trip into a horror filled 80s has been critically acclaimed by a lot of people. The show did kind of come out of nowhere and now is a pop culture phenomenon. However, is it possible the show is being put out to the masses to quickly. One of the things that seem to plague the streaming originals is that seasons need to be...

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From Montana To DC, One Stop in a Tremendous Journey

The day before Thanksgiving is usually the time people begin to prepare the feast for the next day, but in my case, it was the day I was able to view something new. Before I continue, I want to make this known to all, this is not a political article but instead the story of a 33-year-old man fangirling over a tree covered by a tarp. This is the story of just a single stop on the way to the destination of Washington DC, but such as every story, this tree has on origin. The tree was nestled in...

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The 25 Days of Christmas Kickoff

It is that time once again. 13 Days just wasn’t enough, ladies and gentlemen and that one guy in the back who loves to heckle, WELCOME TO THE 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!!!! This year we have planned a bigger celebration of the holiday season complete with Star Wars, a trip back to the 80s, Music, Movies, Television, Podcasts, Videos, Fangirling, Wine, Lists, Humor, Letters to Santa, Contests, Hotties, Hunks, Poetry, Recipes, and the three-part Christmas story. That being said, I feel that we need to kick off this celebration the right way, and this is with the very talented...

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MST3K Reboot Renewed

So, it is not very often that a reboot will be able to hold the jock strap of the original. In fact, the reboot usually leaves a lot to be desired as almost if it was like trying to recreate the night you lost your virginity, or going back and watching Power Rangers. But this one time, the reboot seems to be on par with the original. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was released earlier this year to a plethora of rave reviews, and the show delivered on what we loved, making fun of bad movies. MST3K fans, it’s time...

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