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Author: Richard Pruitt

Retro Music Video 8/9/13

I want to talk to you about something serious. Something that I feel that could impact a life without you even knowing. It can blindside you at the time when you least expect it. In my life that time would be 2:28 in the morning. Remember the episode of How I Met Your Mother where they say that nothing good happens after 2 in the morning. Maybe, I can honestly say that maybe I am wrong. I think some of life’s best moments are after 2. Take this for instance, You know that moment when someone text you and...

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Hall Of Hotties: Taryn Terrell

This will not be a surprise to anyone, at least I do not think so, but my giant nerd thing is that I am a fan of pro wrestling. I know what you are thinking, but it is scripted, it is all fake… The usual stuff that non fans would say. My argument to combat those thoughts is, well the movie you are watching is just for entertainment, the reality show you are watching is for entertainment, so why are you complaining about what I choose for entertainment? It is the truth. To be an actor, you do not...

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Hall of Hotties: Women of Myrtle Manor

I am so sorry that is going up much later than I really wanted. We were supposed to have this up yesterday to celebrate the world’s greatest non holiday 4:20. However, due to some technical difficulties we were not able to post everything we were wanting to get to. Oh, who I am kidding, it was just a giant orgy happening with men, women and some animals. Some sick bastard decided to bring a cactus which made the festivities even more weird and not as kinky as it should have been but it does give a whole new meaning...

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Hall of Hotties: Carrie Underwood

Well, so far on this Valentine’s Day, I have noticed something kind of import on this here little site. It has just been for the ladies today. What about us men? Why don’t we get to look at some Hotties while we drink down a beer and eat some hot wings. It is fair time that we remedy this. One thing that is very common among all holiday but Valentine’s Day in particular is the fact that music plays a very big role in how the holiday goes for some people. You can use music to set the mood...

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Hall Of Hotties: Alison Brie

There I was sitting on the couch looking through the guide trying to find something to watch. I think I am a little bummed that tonight was the season finale of Buckwild. It takes me back to the days of muddin, getting dirty and all the wild parties. Wait a second, that never happened to me. I was never invited to parties. I was the guy who was sitting at home with his nose in front of the small screen and actually doing my homework. I was a giant nerd. I am technically a giant nerd still but in...

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