Author: Richard Pruitt

Hall Of Hotties: Nadia G

I am a fat kid. I am proud to be a fat kid. I am in love with food like Wesley was in love with Buttercup in the Princess Bride. One difference between him and me. I am not sexy, I can’t sword fight, or match wits against a Spaniard or out muscle a giant. Ok. That just means I am a giant puse. That is spelled right. I love food so much that I love watching shows about cooking the food. Rachael Ray used to get my water boiling. I could just feel the fire when she turned...

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Hall Of Hotties: Adele

Today, The Buzz Kill Blog is catering to all you single peeps. So what does that mean? Someone is getting inducted into the Hall of Hotties!!! How long has it  been since we have done one of these? I think the space between inductions is kind of getting Ridiculous. Today, since its Valentine’s day, what would the best induction be? A singer. Damn Straight. Who would be perfect? Rhianna? Nah, S&M doesn’t scream love to me at all. What about Nicki Minaj? Oh hell no!!! My soul would then belong to Satan. Why not choose someone who kinda normal,...

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Hall Of Hotties: Sexy Chick in Ugly Christmas Sweater!!!

Welcome to day number two in the 13 days of Christmas here on The Buzz Kill Blog. We The Buzz Kill Headquarters drinking egg nog and wearing tinsel as a damn boa. We are in a drunken stupor at the moment and by god we love it. Other things we love at the moment, Taco Bell, Season one of The Joe Schmoe Show, and a picture of Tim Tebow! It’s a party here and will be for the next 12 days. Yesterday, the ladies got a small treat by seeing a sexy Santa. I thought we men needed a...

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Hall Of Hotties: Danielle Colby Cushman

The holiday season is starting to kick in the full swing. We see the hottest toys being advertised and wal mart rocking the fact lay away is back. People that live in trailer parks will rejoice. I would say it’s like Christmas for them but it is Christmas. However, the before decking the halls and jingling balls, there comes Thanksgiving. We sit around the table and talk about things we are thankful for. Well, I thought i would share some things I am thankful for. I am thankful for this rainy weather that we are having. I am thankful...

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Hall Of Hotties: Vanessa Hudgens

I have come to a conclusion. This is a very simple thought. I think everyone will be in agreement with this, if not you live in another country or Alaska. It is hot as balls!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Al Gore, Fuck you and your thoughts on global warming. Here is a few one liners based on the heat just for you. It’s hotter than my last date out here. It’s hotter than a blind man’s tit. It is so damn hot even Satan has kicked on the a/c. Well it is only going to get hotter in this mutha!!! A very...

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