Author: Richard Pruitt

Hall of Hotties: Jessica Hamby

It is Friday night which can only mean one thing, I am sitting by myself catching up on TV shows. On a side note: Ladies, I am looking for someone who will take me on walks. After a while I will become very loyal to you. I am house broken and love to cuddle. I will say, and it is kinda odd, I am afraid of newspapers. I am not 1 in a million. I am more like 1 in 7. If you are an interested woman please send your application to be my cuddle buddy to Well,...

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Hall of Hotties: Ximena Sariñana

I am going to tell you a little known fact about myself. I love Latina women. Other than the southern belle accent, the accent of a Hispanic female will drive my motor. I have nights where I can’t watch Telemundo without sporting a nice hard on. I watch a girl keep her madame hand strong by bitch slapping another girl, Damn!!! Also, add watching it in a different language that I have no comprehension of, I can make up that they are fighting over me. This made me realize a dream I have and didn’t even know it. I...

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Hall of Hotties: Kaley Cuoco

I am having a tough week boys and girls. I know what you are doing. You are looking away so that way you don’t have to hear what is going on. Well, to bad. Let me start by a follow-up story to something that happened a couple of days ago. If you read The Ballad of the Orange Sneaker, you know that I gave a girl my phone number. I have some bad news. She never called or texted. It made me a sad panda bear. I have came up with three reasons as to why. 1.) She had...

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Hall Of Hotties: Candace Bailey

I have no bearings about me at the moment. I have decided that everything can be used as a bong. Including my friend’s beagle. You have not loved till you have smoked weed out of a dog. I feel like something is missing today however. I feel like we need to be graced with a sexy lady. Now, if you were reading yesterday and caught the preview for today, you know I said that the woman that would be inducted in to the Hall of Hotties was on a show that was set in the 70’s. Well, that is...

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Hall Of Hotties: Shannon Elizabeth

I wanted to let everyone know sorry about the sporadic posting. I am having a huge family emergency. I know it will get better. In the meantime, I thought it would be a good time to put a sexy chick.  A few years ago a little over 10 years ago to be exact. I called up my best friend and asked him if he wanted to go see a movie. The movie playing that I suggested was American Pie 2. We take off on the 20 trek to our local cinema 6. We get there and I decided to...

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