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Author: Richard Pruitt

Hall of Hotties: Emma Watson

I made a promise to a special someone that I would finally sit down and watch a movie franchise with them. I am not one for fads in the entertainment business, except for bubble gum pop. That shit was my jam yo!!! I sat down and watched the first movie and I knew I was doomed. I was hooked like a bass on the end of Kevin Van Dam’s pole. 5 points for anyone who actually knows who Kevin Van Dam actually is. I know the new Twilight movie just came out. (You can pick up a Team Charlie...

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Hall of Hotties: Julianne Hough

It is going to be an awesome week here at Buzz Kill HQ. We have some big things planned for all of you. The debut of the Ridge of Nuts story will be this week. We will also have a some special Thanksgiving pieces complete with the newest edition of the Solitude of Nerdom Podcast. Get full and read up this week. Let us focus on the now. So last week my girlfriend, the best friend and myself decided to rent some movies to pass the time. I know I live the exciting life don’t I? One of those...

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Hall of Hotties: Halloween One

Why in the hell, do we have a day where we hand out candy to children? When in fact, all we do is complain about obesity. If some some little hoodlums showed up to my house looking like Spiderman ate Doc. Oct at all you can eat Chinese Buffet, I would hand them Jenny Craig meals. If you do not know who I am, God have mercy on your soul. Let me introduce myself for the uneducated out there. My name is Stick figure (I met these two women at a party. They were dressed like schoolgirls who have...

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Hall Of Hotties: Sherri Moon Zombie

It’s the most scariest time of the year. Halloween just around the corner that can only mean two things. All you can eat candy corn. I really think I am the only person in the entire world who actually enjoys eating me some candy corn. I don’t know what it is about that stuff but it is delicious. The other thing is the fact you can watch movies that will scare you so bad that some pee runs gently down your leg. That is exactly what I did this past few days. I watched movies that made me jump...

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Hall Of Hotties: Erin Hannon

So last night, the ladies got to have all the fun around here and I have to say that is not just fair to us males, now is it? I swear some week in the near future I am going to shake some things up. I hope everyone is ready for that. I was thinking. That has left me in a very dangerous position. I tend to do some stupid things over and over. Today’s thought process has led me to a thought that might be not good for my health. I learned I could never have a secretary...

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