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Author: Sharon Isom

Sharon Meets the Grammar Police

I am a southern girl. I was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas. Yes, I have an accent. However, I am pretty deaf to it. I do not notice the difference in my pronunciation most of the time even when traveling to other areas of the country. People are quick to ask me where I am from so it is obviously noticeable. The only time that I really hear it is when I listen to podcasts that I have co-hosted. I, personally, think I sound like a nasally, southern child. While being raised in the South, I was exposed...

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An Adult’s Return To The Sweet Valley: Double Love

Sweet Valley High book # 1 is titled “Double Love”. The creator of the Sweet Valley series is Francine Pascal. However, this novel is written by Kate William. The first chapter of every Sweet Valley book always share one common thing– an almost word for word description of the main characters, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. To directly quote the book, “Both girls had the same shoulder-length, sun-streaked blond hair, the same sparkling blue-green eyes, the same perfect skin. Even the tiny dimple in Elizabeth’s left cheek was duplicated in her younger sister’s-younger by four minutes. Both girls were five...

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Sharon Meets Matthew Lewis: A Planet Comicon 2018 Panel

It is no secret that the TBK magazine staff enjoys Harry Potter. Most of us have been sorted into our Hogwarts house thanks to the official Pottermore site. We have a multi-house committee that awards and deducts points from said houses and we plan to have a party at the end of the year to celebrate the winner. As of this moment, Ravenclaw is winning (yay!). And yes, we know we are nerds. When I saw that Matthew Lewis was on the guest list, I made a mental note to see his panel. Matthew Lewis was a fan of...

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Sharon Meets Mark Sheppard: A Planet Comicon Kansas City Panel

I spent day one of Kansas City Planet Comicon just taking everything in. On Saturday, I decided that it was time to get down to business. With the help of Planet Comicon’s handy app (and my husband’s navigational skills) we located Mark Sheppard’s panel. I have been a fan of Supernatural from the beginning, so I did not want to miss this panel. The conference room filled quickly, and I realized that I was not the only excited to be there. This show has been crazy successfully with thirteen seasons under its belts so far. It premiered in 2005...

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Sharon Meets Planet Comicon 2018

Kansas City Planet Comicon has quickly become my favorite convention. This is the second year that I have attended, and it has only gotten better. Staff members greeted us immediately and directed us where to register. Prop inspection table was set up just a few feet from the ticket booth. This was so convenient! At so many conventions that we attend, I find that we have to search for it. They even had a coat check because Kansas City is quite chilly at this time of year. Discovering the coat check was probably the most pleasant suprise. No one...

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