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Author: Sharon Isom

Sharon Meets Candy Crush

Dante asked me to download the app for the game Candy Crush so I could play with him.  I declined for a long time. I am frequently left exhausted by my job.  I knew that I did not have time to dedicate myself to playing a game regularly. Finally, I relented. I downloaded Candy Crush app to my phone and went through the set up process. “Link to Facebook?” Sure. “Post on your behalf” Absolutely not! What type of game needs to post to Facebook for me? Ok, finally I think that I can play the game. Nope, must...

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Sharon Meets Twitter

I am not new to social media. I started out on Myspace like so many other Millennials. However, sometime between 2006- 2007, Myspace seriously lost the cool factor. We all shifted to Facebook to stay in touch with friends, families, and people that we had met once at a party and then never saw again. Since that time, I have been content to remain on Facebook and it has served its purpose. I am able to share my life events and photos with my family so that I do not have to see them so often. I have even been...

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Sharon Meets Pop Culture (Again)

My life as a young adult was very different than most of my peers. My ACT score was excellent, but I did not apply for scholarships. I was in the top of my rather large graduating class, but I did not fill out college applications. I knew in October of my senior year that college was not in the cards for me. At least not immediately following high school. Like the source of most teenage girl stories of angst, mine too was caused by a boy. A boy that I meet in the 3rd grade. By 6th grade, JD...

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