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Author: Sharon Isom

Sharon Meets Ageism

Ageism is prejudice against a person based on their age. When I hear the word, I typically think of an older person being denied a job based on their age. However, it is not always the case. I have struggled against it to some degree my entire career. When I passed the state nursing boards and got my nursing license, I was 20 years old. I was the second youngest person in my class. I knew the moment that I graduated that I would command less respect than the 50-year-old classmate that began her career the same day as...

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Sharon Meets Bubble Tea

TBK Magazine has two wonderful, amazing friends that live in Canada. We had the joy of meeting them last year at a convention. We quickly fell in love with them and claimed them as our own. (Sorry, guys! You are stuck with us now.) One of these lovely ladies often mentions bubble tea in her social media posts. I had no idea what bubble tea is. We do not have bubble tea down here in Northeast Arkansas. We have sweet tea, herbal tea that you can buy at a store, and that’s about it. I imagined bubble tea being...

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The Hall of Hunks: Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis is a Welsh actor that has been quite busy over the last 16 years. His career launched in England with many of his early roles taking place on the BBC. His résumé is rather impressive. Many recurring roles and some notable cameos. Sadly, he has just now come to my attention. It is insane that I have missed this beautiful man in the past because he has made appearances in some of my most beloved series including Doctor Who, The Fades, and The Strain. I discovered Ellis accidentally while looking for a new show to binge watch....

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Sharon Meets the Red Power Ranger, A Netflix Customer Service Rep

Earlier this week, I received an email from Netflix notifying me that I had successfully changed my password. Since I was at work, I text my husband and asked him if he had changed it for some reason. He had not. Fantastic, I thought. There I was in the middle of my shift and some asinine hacker now had access to my account information. The hours seemed to tick by slowly as I anxiously waited for the chance to contact Netflix. Now I am not a calm person by nature. At work, in my element, I am fine. I...

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