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TBK Live #100:The Biggest Episode Since Our Last Episode

Tonight, is a special occasion. The most random show on the net is celebrating episode 100. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for supporting this show through all the ups and downs. With all of that said, this show has been a huge blessing for myself. When I decided to add a podcast to the Magazine, I never thought it would be this much fun. Since the beginning the show has evolved but one thing stays the same, Randomness. This show is a thank you for everything. With that being said,...

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SNS #25: Pink Ropes in A Cell

Tonight, we preview Hell in A Cell and cover all the news from the passing of the great commentator Lance Russel, ROH, NJPW King of Pro Wrestling, and did we mention the return of War Games? SNS #25: Pink Ropes in A Cell by Richard Pruitt/Ashlee Pruitt iTunes Download Google...

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Fangirls #4: GO! GO! Power Rangers

Because everyone loves something just a little too much and today that love is the Power Rangers! Fangirls #4: GO! GO! Power Rangers by Sharon Isom/Ashlee Pruitt/Tiffany Reddick/Hannah Stewart iTunes Download Google...

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The Winos #15

The only show on the net that will raise a glass and your spirits is back. Tonight, a red wine? Pet Peeves including concerts, children, and Wal Mart gas pumps. Vipon is no more so find out where the Winos will find weird purchases and Wine Trends. The Winos #15 by Sharon Isom/Lesle Watson iTunes Download Google...

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