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TBK Live #114: This show is Gorram Shiny

We start our journey on the biggest week in TBK Live history. Tonight is a preview of Planet Comicon Kansas City as we discuss the Joss Whedon classic Firefly. Sharon has the night off, so I am joined by Ashlee and Victoria as they play Name that Charlie Tune. And more. And do not forget at Planet Comicon Kansas City, you can see Sharon, Ashlee, And Richard live as they bring you a special episode of Live. The only way to hear that one is to be there!!!!! TBK Live #114: This show is Gorram Shiny by Richard/Ashlee/Victoria https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/tbklivefirefly.mp3...

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Do you have a passion for the nerd/geek culture? Do you debate with your friends over topics that make no sense to an outsider? We have a spot for you. TBK Magazine is currently looking for passionate writers from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy, if you are passionate about, share it. Write about. Give Opinions. Share the latest breaking news about your passion. We are looking for writers in all areas of entertainment… Music, Movies, Television,Sports, Wrestling, and Literature. Even poetry. If you nerd out to watching Star Wars, or cry at Doctor Who,...

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SNS #39: Stand and Point

We recap the royal rumble. What we loved, what we hated. We also look at how great Gargano/Almas was at Takeover. Also, Bullet Club no more? And more…. SNS #39: Stand and Point by Richard/Ashlee/Phill https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/SNSFeb42018.mp3 iTunes Download Google...

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5 Sporting Events To Add to Your Bucket List Besides the Super Bowl

Tonight, Americans across the country will slaughter buffaloes just for their wings. We will gather around the television to sit down and watch the most high-profile Justin Timberlake concert since he showed the world Janet Jackson’s boob. Oh, and there is some sort of football game going down between the Eagles and Patriots. However, for most fans across the country that do not have any investment in who is playing the game has become bigger then the two teams playing. So, that got me thinking, besides the Super Bowl, what are 5 sporting events that a fan should at...

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SNS #38: I can feel a Rumble

On this episode of SNS, we preview the 2018 Royal Rumble match as well as play a game with you the fans. And we talk about Enzo, the disaster of Raw 25, and NXT Takeover and more. Scoring rules to our The Royal Rumble Game!!! Each person will draw a number at random until all 30 are picked Points are earned by eliminations…. 1 Pt for an elimination of a non former world champion or Hall of Famer. The NXT Championship counts. Tag team champions do not count, and neither does any secondary championships. The only world titles that...

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