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A Serious Open Letter

This blog has always been intended to make someone laugh. I have never took the time to write my opinions on a national news story on the internet. I am really bothered deep down by this one. This is my open letter to Pastor Terry Jones of The Dove world Outreach Center Church. Dear “Pastor” Terry Jones, I am normally proud to be a Christian. I was raised to be a Christian. I believe in god. I believe that he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins. Then there are people that give Christianity a bad name. You Mr. Jones are one those people. Your closed minded views on the religion of Isalm. I have a few close friend that are Islam and I would be proud to stand next to them. Whether, in friendship or war. I believe you think that every member of the Islamic faith will strap a bomb to them and kill themselves as well as innocent bystanders. I was mad about 9/11, Innocent people died because of radical terrorist group. That however, does not give you the right to burn the Quran. Think about the consequences of your decision. You will be putting our troops in Afghanistan in serious danger. Do you not care about the young men and women fighting to protect us and the rest of the world from...

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A loving but Kinda Pissy Rant

I could be wrong in assuming that this is still true. Plus, you know what happens when you assume. A kitten will be tortured by a crossdresser named Alberto wearing a pair granny panties . But am I wrong in thinking that most people are still in the belief that Money Is Everything? Most of my life, Its never are you happy with something, you are doing for a job, its more how much do you make. Personal happiness doesn’t mean shit in this society. Teachers, the profession that should be the highest paid in my opinion is the one of the lowest. People teach because they love that they are contributing to society in a way. However, you tell someone you are a teacher its the Oh factor. Guy says “I’m a teacher.” Other guy says”oh,Why would you do that? I make 10 or 15 thousand more a year than you and didn’t even finish school.” Im not saying money is bad. We have to have money to pay the bills and stuff. But we are judged on how much we have to spend. Take for example my birth mother, She only comes around if she needs something. Here is an example, She needed a car. She knew my dad had enough money to buy said car. She butters him up and makes him believe that she has...

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Craving Humor Productions

I Its time for a start of something new. A dawning of new era in my career. As a stand up comic for almost 10 years, I have had to promote myself. I have been kinda whoring myself for the longest time while making less than hookers. damn it. A while ago I came up for the idea of my own production company. I have thought about it for months even years. The time never felt right. There has been a distraction at every corner. Recently, I felt the time was right. I have started the ball in motion.   I proudly introduce you to Craving Humor Productions. CHP, is my brain child. Its finally out of the breastfeeding stages.   The services we will offer, Two Online stores for you shop to purchase funny sayings on a plethora of different products. We will also be able to design shirts for you.  Businesses need shirts printed in bulk we can do that for you as well. For very reasonable prices.  CHP will also offer photography, Radio and Television Ad writing. And coming soon we will be able to record radio ads in house and be able to film tv ads. Also coming soon, Booking young and upstart talent for gigs and shows. The future is bright. The goals will keep getting bigger and We will achieve those with our pants high....

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   Have you ever seen the Direct TV ad, where it says you value your friends? You know the one I am talking about, where some hot girls heads turn into George Washington’s. Kinda creepy. Actually, more like will give you nightmares in the middle of the night. How much do we truly value our friends? In the last 8 months I have moved a couple of times. I never realized how hard it was to meet new friends. For most of us our friends are like our families. Just how difficult is it to meet people that influence and change our lives. I would rather go to a dentist and have a root canal.   We start being put in social situations at a very young age with day cares and schools. It was so much easier as a kid.  Would like to spell a dirty word with my letter blocks? Do you want part of my lunchables? Then, practically you have made a friend. Nothing says friendship more than sharing a taco lunchable. We get older and high school changes all of this. Now, its not so easy. Toys and food just wont cut it. Unless your friends are fat. Our friends come from clubs and cliques. Doesn’t matter if you a jock, nerd, slut, band geek, or outcast, you found friends who can relate to you....

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