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The Hall Of Hunks: John Cena

Hey Bitches! I was sitting here thinking we need to induct the next gorgeous piece of man meat in to the Hall Of Hunks. I have thought long and hard on this one. Which was about 10 minutes. The next inductee into the Hall is: John Cena This 33 year old Actor, Hip Hop Musician and most importantly Pro Wrestler makes the girls scream everywhere he goes. Just look at him. it was like a Greek Sculpture came to life. John is so chiseled. He has abs that could grate cheese. Since 2002 he has been a pro wrestler...

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Awesome Music Video

I saw this music video and knew the minute I saw it that it need to be posted. So an extra bonus for Ladies Weekend. Here is Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland,

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The Hall Of Hunks: Alexander Skarsgard

Hey Hey Hey, Bitches. Its your girl Whit. Welcome to Ladies Weekend here at The Buzz Kill Blog. I have begged Richard to let me write more. He kept saying no. Well, then I came up with Ladies Weekend. He said yes but only one condition, Hook him up. So if you are single female and feel the need to lower your standards, send an email to Richard. Send it to him on Facebook. Just click the badge on this page with his pic on it. Now that i have taken care of that business. Lets get to this...

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What In The Hell Was That.

What is fucking popping? It’s your favorite foul mouthed stick figure back with a little gem I found on the good ole youtube. Before, I get started. Whitney, break a Leg with ladies weekend. Even though you are a walking STD, I hope you do well. I guess. OK, Where was I, Oh yes. I found a little video of Our esteemed leader on youtube. I know some of you have seen this video. If not watch RD Russel dance to the 80s “classic” The Safety Dance. I am going to critique your “dancing” style. First of all, I knew weebles could wobble but damn. You have the coordination and grace of a cube in an earthquake. And thanks for being so fat that every time you moved the camera shook. God, I feel bad for anyone who has slept with your ass. 25 seconds or segundos for our Spanish speaking friends. You do the Russian hey dance. Dont they get lower than that. Were you to god damn lazy to get low or were you worried about splitting your pants? I choose the latter. 28 seconds. How did I guess? Everyone who can’t dance can do the robot. Way to think out of the box gerbil fucker! 42 seconds. However, you can shimmy like no ones business. It must help when you have bigger boobs than most the...

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The AFC Predictions

The season is underway. The “Are you ready for some Football” song is stuck in my head, I really hope you enjoyed yesterdays NFC preview. Today, will be looking at the red conference. The republicans come in, wait a sec wrong blog. Today lets take a look at the AFC. AFC EAST Buffalo Bills: The Bills had a weak 6-10 season in 09. They had 30th ranked offense in the league. No surprise there. The D was ranked 19th in the league overall. The bills biggest loss in players was Mr. Stand on The Star in Dallas and Get fined, Terrell Owens. The biggest key edition to the Bills is rookie running back C.J. Spiller. 2010 Predictions: Seriously other than Lee Evans can anyone name a Bills player. The Bills starting QB is hell if I know. Let’s say he is The Masked Magician from the Magic Biggest Secrets Revealed shows. They desperately need to find a QB in Buffalo. I think Jim Kelly might be free. Maybe they can bring back Thurman Thomas as well. Teams that have the Bills on their schedule are partying like its 1999. The Bills will fall to depths of league jokes. Bills fans ask some Lions fancs for advice on how to cope. You will need it. They finish with a record of 3-13 Miami Dolphins: Coming off an awesome 2008 season...

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