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Welcome to the Funny Ass Video HOF. Here is a video add to HOF in 2007. I present to you Fucking A...

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Spongebob Turns 10.

It was 10 years ago when the kids network, Nickelodeon launched a cartoon that would be great to watch when completely stoned. That show is Spongebob Squarepants. I remember watching the first show and thinking what the hell is this. I never would have thought a show about a talking fry cook sponge could last this last long. This begs me to think what questions do us Spongebob fans want to know? I have come up with a few myself. What in the blue hell possessed Mr. Krabs to sleep with Pearl’s mother? Are Spongebob and Patrick gay? Is Sandy Cheeks channeling her inner Patty Mayonnaise? ( Which would make her a squirrel who doesn’t like nuts) How old is Spongebob? If he is a kid, is Mr. Krabs breaking child labor laws? Why doesn’t Plankton just pay someone to buy a Krabby Patty for him? Should’t Plankton be in jail for selling Chum to fish? How do they swim, fish, and shower underwater? How does Spongebob not know how to swim since they live under freaking water? How did Spongebob or Patrick pay for their home? Where does Spongebob get all his money to buy his shit because Mr. Krabs is such a cheapskate? ( I am guessing he is the worlds first underwater meth dealer.) How can you drive a boat underwater? If there are 7 bad...

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MLB ALL SHIT WEEKEND Category: Sports So what takes 3 hours and nothing happens? No I am not talking about the Sotomayor hearing, I am talking the home run derby. What a crock of shit this event has become. Three big name players hitting batting practice. I give alot of credit to Pujols, Fielder and Ryan Howard for at least lending their name to this monstrosity formally known as the Home Run Derby. Let me run down the contestants. For The NL: Albert “the most friendly big guy in baseball” Pujols, Prince ” the 270 lbs vegetarian” Fielder, Ryan “don’t forget about me” Howard, and Adrian Gonzalez. (I have nothing witty for him because I had no idea who the fuck he was) And for the AL: Nelson “instead of watching this, I should have went out for a” Cruz, Joe “the catching Twinkie” Mauer, Carlos “my eyes are in” Pena, and Brandon “watching this makes me” Inge. Where was Josh Hamilton, A Rod, and Jason Bay? At this moment I am thinking the AL IS FUCKED! And DING DING, I win a new car for that thought. Here are the Derby rules. Each hitter gets 10 outs. If they hit the ball and it isn’t a home run, it’s an out. On the 9th out they get the egg laid by the golden goose from Willy Wonka thrown...

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