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TBK Live #113: If It’s Not A Strip, It’s Not Chicken

The most random show on the net is back and in this episode…….A Conspiracy theory involving one host and delivery pizza!!!! A woman who will chew up her food for her family, Camel toe panties are a thing apparently, A Brand new game called Name that Novel, and a whole lot more. TBK Live #113: If It's Not A Strip, It's Not Chicken by Richard Pruitt/Sharon Isom https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/Ifitsnotastripitsnotchicken.mp3 iTunes Download Google...

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The Winos #18

Tonight, the only show that will raise a glass and your spirits returns with a wine that turns the hosts somewhat sour, and a get to know you game where you get to know each host more in depth. The Winos #18 by Sharon Isom/Lesle Watson https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/Thewinos18.mp3 iTunes Download Google...

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SNS #37: Let’s Get Raw

Tonight we take a look back at 25 years of the flagship show for the WWE Monday Night Raw. We review the first Raw, a random Raw from 1998, and The Feb. 11th Raw from 2002. But we also run down our favorite moments, the good and the bad. Plus, we take a look at the recent WWE Signings. And if that was not enough, A Royal Rumble Conspiracy Theory that may blow your mind. A really fun show reminiscing on the past. SNS #37: Let's Get Raw by Richard/Ashlee/Phill https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/Letsgetraw.mp3 iTunes Download Google...

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The Loosely Affiliated League of Genuinely Nice Fellows Issue # 13

“This week the boys are back with Star Wars spoilers galore!  They are starting the new year off right and kicking you square in the glory hole!  Spoilers!  ***D***S*A* DIES!” Into Music: Kyle Cusiac: Jake Alexander Ending Song: “A Lengthened Shadow of Ignorance” by The Noumenon The Loosely Affiliated League of Genuinely Nice Fellows Issue #13 by Jake/Greggg/Just Joe https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/Issue%2013%20LALoGNF.mp3 iTunes Download Google...

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SNS #36: Five Stars Later

Tonight, we look back at Wrestle Kingdom, cover WWE news, and the ALL In show that will be put together by Cody and the Young Bucks. What will the potential of that show be? Check out this weeks episode, a fun show as always.   SNS #36: Five Stars Later by Richard/Ashlee/Phill https://episodes.castos.com/tbkradio/Jan142018.mp3 iTunes Download Google...

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