Author: Tina Anderson

WORD VOMIT: Unnoticed Screams

if I scream out loud would you still never hear me if I paint my world bright red would you still never see me world look around you, at all that hurts you we create and then destruct never will the healing be with no peace within me never will satisfaction last with chaos all around me quiet as a shadow on the wall I see one set of eyes that see it all they laugh in the middle of the greatest storm and catch me when I free fall heart turned cold black and jaded memories of feeling...

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Alzheimer’s Revisited at Grandma’s Table

Today, I was watching a video that turned out to be a trigger point into yesterday for me. It was a video of Glen Campbell and his song, “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” It was a song that spoke of what he was going to be facing with his Alzheimer’s disease. From a deep sadness within I found myself going back a few years to my own grandmother’s last few years with this same disease. My grandma was my hero. She was a hero to everyone that ever spent time with her. She was the wisest person I ever...

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The Hall of Hunks: Gerard Butler

I am rocking some Gerry Butler today. Gerard as his mother named him is a very multi-faceted person that shares this planet with us. He is Scottish-Irish mix in bloodline, and all over the place in mind line (yes, a play on words that might flop but I’m doing it anyway). I fell in love with the mind and talent of Gerry after watching several of his films. Gerry Butler is all over the place with his acting career. He doesn’t limit or label himself as a serious, or comedic type or just any kind of actor. He is...

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Fat Girl Dancing

I have been facebooking forever. I learn and I laugh and also fuss more and more about society and the people around me with help of the internet. People are freer on the internet and also at times more careless and irresponsible. For example, Fat Girl Dancing. There is a video series that circled around social media called Fat Girl Dancing. There is also a video series of another girl; she also is a larger sized girl. She dances in some videos, others she sings, tells jokes, shows her friends or family with her doing various things and also...

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