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Category: Artist Spotlight

Tour Spotlight: The Kelley Brothers – Feeding the Souls of Music Fans One City At a Time

The Kelley brothers wrap up The Driver Tour, which covered the club circuit in a total of 24 cities, on Friday, May 6th, . Having seen the tour when Charles Kelley and his brother Josh performed at the House of Blues in Chicago, I can tell you first hand that this was a tour you did not want to miss. This show was the epitome of what a club show is supposed to be. It was raw, intimate, vulnerable, at times impromptu, and more importantly, genuine in a way only real music fans can appreciate. It was everything true...

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Country’s Overnight Sensation: Kane Brown

Kane Brown has quickly become all the buzz in country music recently. Being labeled the “Justin Beiber” of the country music scene, he’s what many consider to be an overnight sensation. One day he’s posting YouTube videos of himself covering songs by artists like Chris Young and Lee Brice, and the next he’s headlining his own show at Joe’s Live in Rosemont, completely skipping playing Joe’s on Weed Street, which most country artists who come to Chicago consider to be a sort of stepping stone and staple to play in. In fact, Brown has already landed himself on what...

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Artist Spotlight: Dylan Scott – Wrapping Country Music in his Southern Charm One Song at a Time

After his performance Saturday night at Joe’s Live in Rosemont for the official Lee Brice After-Party, Dylan Scott is proving to be a force to be reckoned with as he completely blew the roof off the place with his stellar live show. Between his southern charm, solid stage presence, and awe-inspiring voice, I definitely think it’s fair to say the Louisiana native has officially won over the Windy City. And the fact that he is one of the most handsome men you will ever lay eyes on certainly doesn’t hurt, just ask any number of screaming females at the...

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Dance, Dance, Evolution

Music is funny thing. It can bring all sorts of people together, whether it be in the form of a collaboration between two very different artists or uniting those who may not have much in common when it comes to their musical tastes. Music also changes over time. New artists bring new sounds, existing artists collaborate with artists nobody would have thought of, new sub-genres are created, and new dances are invented. Each decade has brought us something new different and distinct. The 60’s took us from from dancing the twist and the mashed potato at sock hops into...

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“Tangled Up” over Thomas Rhett’s newest release

I anxiously awaited the release of Thomas Rhett’s new album, Tangled Up, for a while now, despite the fact that I knew it wouldn’t be a country album. And it’s definitely not a country album, but Rhett also never came out and claimed to be making a country album this time around. So at least we don’t have to hold that against him cause really, if it walks like a duck don’t call it a giraffe, ya know? With that being said, I think the album, after the first listen, can best be described as Thomas Rhett’s wild card....

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