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Category: Artist Spotlight

Who Says You Can’t Go Home? Not Disturbed!

On Friday, August 21st, I traveled back in time. I traveled back to the mid 2000’s, a time when what was then being referred to as “Nu-Metal” was all the rage and a little band known as Disturbed was quickly changing the genre in a huge way. When Disturbed announced they were releasing a new album after a five-year hiatus, fans were full of emotions and reactions, mainly excitement and nervousness. What would the new album sound like? Would the band change their sound? What if the five-year hiatus changed them for the worse? I imagine those were the...

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Saint Asonia – Rock’s Newest Super Group

Rock super-groups. They’ve come and gone through rock’s history, but not without leaving an awesome taste in our mouths, salivating for more from them. According to an article in Guitar World, there are certain criteria, if you will, for a band to be considered a supergroup. The first is that there have to be at least 3 members. This makes sense since anything less would really just be considered more of a dynamic duo rather than a super group, don’t you think? The second is that they have to have released more than one album, no all-star jams. I...

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