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Category: Artist Spotlight

Artists to Watch in 2018

Every year there’s a certain level of excitement and even a little anxiety to see which new artists finally breakout on a mainstream level and are given the attention they deserve. The new and up and coming artists who work so hard to get their music heard by as many people and through as many outlets as possible finally get their chance to shine on a much broader scale than I’m sure they’re used to. Last Year I compiled a list of artists to watch out for in 2017 that included Lindsay Ell, Ryan Hurd, Carly Pearce, Waterloo Revival,...

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The Best of Music 2017

2017 was another great year for new music, but it was a fantastic year for new artists releasing their debut albums. Artists like Brett Young, Lindsay Ell, Carly Pearce and Walker Hayes made huge waves this year with their debut albums which, I believe, were all some of the strongest releases of 2017. Some other big splashes made this year came from new artists whose big releases came in the form of EPs as opposed to full length albums. Ryan Hurd, Jillian Jacqueline, Bailey Bryan, and Josh Dorr being just a few of the artists behind EPs so good,...

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Devin Dawson Releases Latest Track, “Asking for a Friend” from his Upcoming Dark Horse Album

“Asking for a Friend” is the fifth and most recent song released so far off of Devin Dawson’s upcoming debut album, and like the other early releases, this one does not disappoint in the least. While “All On Me” and “Dark Horse” were both excellent introductions to the kind of artist Dawson is, the rest of the songs released after each reveal another interesting piece of the California native’s dark mystique. With its coffeehouse type vibe, “Asking for a Friend” uses a laid-back tempo, sweet melodies and honest lyrics to pull you in and then keeps your attention with...

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Why Trace Atkins New Song, “Still a Soldier” (and other songs like it) is Important

No genre has more respect for this nation’s military men and women than the country music genre. Whether active duty or veterans, no matter which branch, the country music genre has always shown the most respect and gratitude for the brave men and women that have and continue to serve this beautiful country of ours. Patriotism is something that has and always will run deep in country music. In the past, there have been a number of artists who have demonstrated that patriotism by the songs they’ve written in honor of this country and it’s military men and women...

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Why Josh Dorr’s “Ready or Not” is One of the Best Songs of the Year

This year has seen some pretty amazing songs be released, some by major artists we know well and love and others by lesser known, up and coming artists who haven’t quite yet received the attention they deserve. One of those songs is “Ready or Not” by Josh Dorr, from his latest EP entitled Sundancer. Dorr does an excellent job of perfectly describing what unconditional love looks like, no matter what obstacles need to be overcome. As the lyrics go, “Well baby I ain’t going nowhere, I’m still here/Hell yeah I’m scared, but you’re all that I’ve got/And we’ll get...

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