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Category: Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Lena Stone

“I am so stubborn. I’m never going to leave Nashville. I’m never going to let Nashville break me. I’m so in love with this city and the culture and the people and their music.” Lena Stone has known ever since she was a little girl growing up in Carlisle, Massachusetts that she wanted to be a singer. And while most children’s ideas of what they want to be when they get older eventually change over the years, Stone never outgrew her childhood dream. In fact, the singer-songwriter did everything she could to turn that dream into a reality. In...

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Her ‘Reputation’ Will Be Great

It’s happened again. Taylor Swift not only broke the Internet, but she also broke some new records in true Taylor fashion. After giving the world a break from herself for three years, Taylor Swift is back with new music and as usual, people are losing their minds over it. “Look What You Made Me Do,” the first single off the singer’s upcoming album entitled Reputation, due out November 10th, made its debut late in the evening on Thursday August 24th and immediately caused a feeding frenzy among the media, critics, fans, and of course the haters. As if the...

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Lindsey Ell: The Project

After breakthrough artist Lindsay Ell released her debut EP titled Worth the Wait just three months ago, fans were already begging for more. After a lot of hype and much anticipation, Ell’s full length album entitled The Project was finally released on Friday, August 11th, and people are freaking out over it. Social media has exploded the last few days with status updates, tweets and Instagram photos expressing only the most positive feedback and highest praises for Ell’s grand slam of a first album. Adoring fans, fellow peers, and major artists, including Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley, have all...

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All Time Low’s Last Young Renegade Tour is Proof Pop Punk Survives!

Like every genre, pop punk has certainly experienced its share of changes over the years. Since its heyday back in the 2000’s when I was a teenager and young adult reveling in the scene, pop punk has seen a major shift in the bands that make up the sub-genre of punk rock. Bands that once dominated the scene have since disbanded, faded away, dropped off the face of the earth, or altered their sound so much that they’ve lost their core fans. Yes, there are still a few veteran pop punk rockers left that are hanging on with the...

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