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Assistance: The Final Two Episodes

Sorry for the delay, life sometimes will throw a curve ball. Tonight, we have to come to the end of the Webseries of Assistance. We are giving you a double dose of the hilarious show from the brainchild of Amy Albert and directed by Sean Boring. Last time we left Alice, she got in some trouble with some face wash. In episode 5, Alice and the actress go out to lunch and something very strange happens and all I have to say, TMZ shows up.   And in the finale, Alice becomes part of a meeting with other Assistants...

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Assistance:Gold Face

The next episode of the featured webseries Assistance is all new this week. Last week, Alice had to perform phone sex with the actresses, boyfriend. This week, Alice gets to have her own “Home Alone” moment in the actress’s house. Let’s watch what happens. Related articles Assistance: Alice Has Phone Sex Assistance: The...

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Assistance: Alice Has Phone Sex

It is now time for a new episode of the webseries Assistance. In the last episode, we had to watch Alice deliver a cooler of The Actresses feces and a cooler of peanut butter. This poor girl is going through hell, just to live the Hollywood dream. In the newest episode, Alice has to do the unthinkable and have phone sex with The Actresse’s man and Alice, just wants to get him off…… The Phone Related articles Assistance: The Series Assistance:Jars of...

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Assistance: Jars of Sh*t

It is Sunday, which means another episode of Asisstance.  If you missed last week’s episode, what is wrong with you? Go watch it now. And now a preview of this week’s must see to believe edition of this webseries, which is entitled, Jars of Shit. Alice makes an unusual...

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Assistance: The Series

A few months ago we featured a trilogy of Funny videos called Disney Couples Therapy. Tonight, Sean Boring is back at directing a new webseries called Assistance. The show is written by the very talented, Amy Albert.  This show is really fun and we think you will enjoy it. Here is what the show is about straight from their page. Assistance follows Alice, a nice girl new to LA following her dreams, and The Actress, who she takes a part time assistant job with and quickly turns her life into a nightmare. Turns out Hollywood can be a real...

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