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Category: The Hall of Hotties

The Hall of Hotties: Agent Scully

The X-Files premiered in 1993 and ran through 2002. The series was revived in 2016 and is still running strong at this time. In addition to the series, it has also had two feature films. When The X-Files premiered, I was eight years old. My love for science fiction was already cemented by that point. I vividly remember watching The X-Files with my siblings. My brother had nightmares about some of the more scary subjects, particularly the Mothman in the fifth season. Despite the nightmares, even he loved the show When I heard that The X-Files was being revived...

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The 2018 Nutsy Awards: Hottie of the Year

You can’t have a Hunk vote without doing the same for the Hotties. It is time to cast your vote for Hottie of the Year. So who will it be? Will it be the angel, the gymnast cheerleader, 5ft. of fury, Black Widow, The Bond Girl, A woman full of grace, Dark’s Mistress, A Teen Wolf Star, The FORCEful hero, or the lead in a Hallmark movie? Vote now and vote often as polls close on Feb. 11th at 11:59 Pacific…..And then find out if your favorite won during The 2018 Nutsy Awards on Feb. 14th exclusively on TBK...

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The Hall of Hotties: The Single Female Lead Character in Every Hallmark Christmas Movie Ever

I realized something a few days ago that made me somewhat chuckle out loud. If anyone would have been around me, chances are I would have been put in a padded room. But that is beside the point; I realized that since I set on a journey of doing 13 Days of Christmas, and this 25 Days, I am starting to run out of Christmas inductions for the Hall of Hotties. I am beginning to see the end of the tunnel of characters, and I am not entirely enjoying it. It almost is coming down to the point of...

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The Hall of Hotties: Rey from Star Wars

I am making a promise to all of you, this will be the last Star Wars article until the holidays are over, but I feel that I must bring balance to the Force. The Hunk induction was difficult for me to decide, but what has been worse was picking the induction into the Hall of Hotties. With Leia already inducted where do I turn? Do I turn to the prequels or the modern trilogy? And I feel the answer is simple. I have realized a lot as in my fandom of Star Wars. I love the originals. What Star...

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The Hall of Hotties: Holland Roden

Holland Roden was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. As a child and young adult, her passion was split between acting and science. Unlike many other actors, it was her education that brought her to Los Angeles. She enrolled in UCLA with a major in molecular biology and women’s study. After completing her freshman year of college, her desire to act was renewed. She signed with a talent agent and was quickly booked for cameos in multiple series including “Community” and “Criminal Minds”. She also had the lead role in the teen movie “Bring it on: Fight to the...

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