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The Hall of Hotties: Debra Messing

I am 33 years old. And to answer the question, I did need to ask someone how old I was. Sleep deprivation does horrible things to the mind. And to give an example, I had my underwear on backwards most of the day. I guess it went from being a piss flap to a fart flap, but I digress. In my 33 years of life on this earth I never realized how much I love the styles of the late 90s and early 2000s. For some reason, I can watch something that was filmed in that time frame and...

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The Hall of Hotties: Eva Green

Eva Green is one of the most stunning women that I have ever seen. For those unfamiliar, she is a French actress with delicate features complimented by gorgeous pale skin and dark raven hair. At the age of 17, Green left school to study with Eva St. Paul, a theatrical specialist. St Paul was quoted to have said “In 20 years, I have only met two students who were really hardworking. Eva Green is one of those two. There is something very distinctive about Eva. She is super-tough. She can turn down whoever, curse like a man, and be...

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The Hall of Hotties: Scarlett Johansson

I do not remember exactly when the term “girl crush” became a thing. It had to be almost ten years ago. I do remember thinking that it was really stupid. Are heterosexual women so scared of acknowledging another woman’s beauty or talent that they can’t just say I love so and so? Anyway, hearing that term all those years ago caused me to ask myself who would be my celebrity “girl crush”. The answer was Scarlett Johansson. Several years have passed since then. I still hate and refuse to use the term “girl crush” with the exception of writing...

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The Hall of Hotties: Alexa Bliss

I remember growing up and being a huge fan of wrestling, I have made no excuses to hide this fact. During the years that were the most awkward, I would call those “The Gangly Puberty Years” the WWE was on top of their game. There were times I would tell my friends to suck it, as I would then do a crotch chop. 33% of the time, my dumbass would rack myself. One of the things that made that time a little more interesting than most, was women in wrestling. When I was going through that phase, the WWE...

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The Hall of Hotties: Eliza Dushku

Sit back; I have to tell you a story. This story goes back to when I was a Freshman in high school, the year 1999. It was a very different time. People had no clue about social media! If we wanted to meet a significant other online, we would have to pretend to be something we were not on AOL chat, instead of doing that on Tinder. During that time in life, I was molded by the upperclassmen and women, no sexism here. I looked up to them; they stole all the girls I was crushing. The same bs...

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