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Category: The Hall of Hotties

Hall Of Hotties: Amy Lee

I got to thinking. Are there any ladies out there who sit around and talk about me with their friends? If you do please send me an email or a self addressed stamped envelope telling me what you like about me. I know there a few ladies out there who want to break off a little of me. I will be your Kit Kat. Now that is out in the open. Why was I writing again? Oh yes. Cue the the Hall Of Hotties Graphic. Ahhh there it is. Ok. I was watching the Modern Family Halloween episode today...

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Hall Of Hotties: Jennifer Nettles

We have to take care of those Mondays everyone. I always wondered why Garfield hated Mondays. It doesn’t make any sense to me. He is a cat. Not like he does anything important at all. Why was I writing this again? Oh yeah a new induction into the Hall Of Hotties. I figured this one was relevant and She Is Tabasco hott. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is: Jennifer Nettles     She is one half of the Country group Sugarland. Jennifer came into out peripheral vision in 2004 when the band released their multi platinum...

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The Hall Of Hotties: Kim Possible

Yo! I am Stick Figure ” To all the ladies that give me calls, Instead show up at my door step and lick my balls. You may not want my warm embrace, but honey you can sit on my face” Dan. No long winded intros for this introduction into the Hall. This is my first time placing a member into the hall. I couldn’t be any harder. The next member in the Hall Of Hotties is: Kim Possible Kp are you with me. Miss Kimberly Ann Possible. She is so fine. And hopefully ex wife #2. A high school...

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The Hall Of Hotties: Katy Perry

I was listening to music in the car with my sister as we traveled to a football game yesterday. We would bounce around from station to station. We were listening to one that played new stuff. I would start to dance and she would turn it. I became sad. I couldn’t believe she was gonna deny the world seeing my killer dance moves. The reason I bring this up is cause I had my man revoked again. I told you I would. HA!. Bed bath And Beyond has a free soap with my name on it. My sister came...

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The Hall Of Hotties: Alyssa Milano

  Its a new week. Finally the allergies that I have been fighting are almost like the acting career of Mariah Carey. Over with. Well, this past week I was talking to a friend from high school. We were making fun of some things. More like me. Its fun to make fun of me. I will be the first person to tell you that. I do it everyday. Back to story, Her husband, who is awesome. Asked why was wasn’t the hottie, I am inducting today in the Hall of Hotties? I made a promise to him that she...

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