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HALL OF HOTTIES: Danica Patrick

Its that time once again. It is time for the Hall Of Hotties. And let us induct the next member into our Hallowed halls. The next member of the Hall Of Hotties is: Danica Patrick In lieu of the NASCAR season getting underway, We induct Miss Danica Patrick into the Hall Of Hotties. She started driving Go Karts at age 10. In order to further her career she moved to England.  Later in life she joined the IRL.( for us that dont know what that means, She raced a funny looking car at The Indy 500) Earlier this year...

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Hall Of Hotties: Taylor Swift

Hello Again World of Warcraft virgins and Porn Junkies. It is time for the next induction into the HALL OF HOTTIES:  Taylor Swift The fantasy of prepubescent boys and 40 year old men everywhere, Country music star Taylor Swift has made a huge impact in the world of music. “Our Song” became her first number one and she hasn’t looked back since. She is A FUCKING MEGA HOTTIE!!!! (Bad Puns in 5…4…3…2…1…) I would gently wipe the teardrops from her guitar in a romantic way. Then we would sing our song which was sung by Tim Mcgraw. I would...

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The Hall Of Hotties: Olivia Munn

It’s the day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow which means:The Hall Of Hotties OLIVIA MUNN This hottie is the co-host of Attack of the Show on G4. This former playboy playmate is now giving boners to trekkies, Star wars geek, and World Of Warcraft Wizards everywhere. Miss Munn is a nerds wet dream come true. You can see her dressed as Princess Leia and many other sexy characters from the world of geekdom each weeknight at 7/6 central on G4 This Hottie of the Day has even got a youtube video to go with her. Here she...

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It’s Sunday. I bet you have been too busy to watching football all damn day. (How Bout them Cowboys)The Next member to the Hall is: ALYSON HANNIGAN We know her best as the kinky band geek from the American Pie movies. She mad they phrase, This One time at band camp, Infamous. She is a fiery red head who could shove a member of the brass or woodwind family up my ass anytime. Now, she can be seen on the CBS comedy, How I Met Your Mother. Alyson receives One Flute to Shove up my nice, tight, sexy...

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THe Hall Of Hotties:Rachael Ray

It is a  blog. Holy shit, is this thing actually going to get updated. Well, I guess it is.I have played around the idea of making a way to symbolize the most attractive women on this blog. Thus I came up with the Hall Of Hotties. Plus, its just an excuse to post pics of Hot chicks. The first member is:   Rachael Ray Well, if you know me really well you know, I think she is FUCKING HOTTTTTT. She kinda has that girl next door look. I would totally do dirty things with her in the kitchen, like...

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