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Category: The Hall of Hunks

The Hall of Hunks: Jason Momoa

I was late to the world of Westeros. By the time I discovered Game of Thrones, it was on its second season. I knew immediately that it sounded like something that I would enjoy. I purchased the first season and binged it as quickly as I could. It was there, among the inappropriate twin love, the dire wolves, and the plethora deaths, that I learned of the beautiful human specimen named Jason Mamoa. Momoa portrayed Kahl Drogo, the savage leader of the Dothraki and lover of the Khaleesi. Jason Momoa’s character was only around of a short period of...

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The 2018 Nutsy Awards: Hunk of the Year

It is that time again!!!! Voting begins for the 2018 Nutsy Awards and to kick things off, who was The Hunk of the Year. The Hunks of the Year Award is comprised of the 2017 inductions into The Hall of Hunks. So, who will it be this year? Will it be a fictional love interest, a vampire with a diary, A tattooed guy who loves to talk, a giant nerd, the last gunslinger, Lucifer, The Pumpkin King, A Maze Runner, A wookie, or Someone who stole Christmas? Vote now and vote often as polls close on Feb. 11th at...

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The Hall of Hunks: The Grinch

I am not sure about any of you, but I hate the winter. I can never seem to get warm, and if I ever cuddle with someone, I already feel sorry for them. Have you ever touched someone with your bare feet and they get frostbite? That is what I am dealing with. The primary goal for me this holiday season is to find a man that I can snuggle with all night, and never feel cold again. And I have found that man. He is covered with curly hair, already a huge plus in this girl’s little black...

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The Hall of Hunks: Chewbacca

The countdown to the newest part of the saga that happened a Long Long time ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away is on. Tonight is the opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And we are going to have you covered. From last night’s episode of Fangirls to TBK live covering the new film tomorrow, it going to be a jammed pack Star Wars and Christmas party. But normally I do not write these, but for Star Wars I will make an exception. We had a meeting trying to rack our brains who would be the Hunk Inductee...

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The Hall of Hunks: Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien started his acting career at the young age of 14 as a YouTube star. As his episodes progressed, a local producer and director approached him in his senior year of high school to do some professional level YouTube videos. He graduated from high school in 2009 and was set to attend Syracuse University in the fall as a sports broadcasting major. However, he changed his mind to pursue acting. Dylan O’Brien got his first role as Stiles Stilinski in MTV’s Teen Wolf series in 2011. When he went to audition, he original planned to go for the...

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